Friday, July 08, 2005

Discoveries of my birth month July

July 1, 1796: Physician Edward Jenner administered the first smallpox vaccine. Another lifesaving medical feat was performed this month: the first successful rabies immunization on July 6, 1885. The first respirator, the iron lung was installed on July 29, 1927.

July 5, 1995, saw the birth of Dolly, a cloned sheep, born at the Roslin Institute in Edinburgh. July 25, 1978, was Louise Joy Brown’s birthday. Never heard of her? She was the first test tube baby. The Philips-head screw and screwdriver were patented on July 7, 1936. The first typewriter, called the typographer, was patented by William Burt, July 23, 1829. The rotary type printing press was patented by Richard M.Hoe on July 24,1947.

The steamboat took its first shortest trip in France on July 15,1973. The first turbine propelled ship, the Chester, was launched on July 26, 1907. And the Panama Canal was formally inaugurated on July 12, 1920.
Remember the articles about dams? The Aswan High Dam was completed in Egypt on

July 21, 1970. Another desert also had a large water supply project opened this month: The Yarkon Water Project, supplying water to Israel’s Negev desert.

Space first for July include the first walk on the moon, taken by Neil Armstring and Buss Aldrin on July 20, 1969, and the launching of the Telestar communications satellite, on July 10, 1962. The first “round the world” airplane fight was completed by Wiley Post on
July 22, 1933.

The machine gun was patented by C.E. Barnes on July 8, 1865. The destructive abilities of dynamite were demonstrated for the first time on the July 14, 1867, by Alfred Nobel, who went on to establish the Nobel Prize.

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