Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Maharashtra received heavy rain after 100 years

Heavy rains in Maharashtra have completely disrupted normal life across the state with Mumbai being severely hit. However in the western part of the city from Mahim to Bandra till Santacruz and Goregaon the traffic is blocked.
Buses submerged in 10-feet water. In the last 24 hours, Colaba has recorded 57.1 MM of rainfall while Santacruz has received 896 MM. This is the highest ever amount of rain recorded in both the areas. Mumbai received a heavy rainfall after 100 years
Mumbai airport was closed for the second consecutive day today as the runway was waterlogged due to incessant rains. Many international flights have been diverted to other destinations.
Many suburban areas remained without power as water entered ground floor flats, forcing power supply to be shut off. Even mobile and landline phone services have been affected.
The state government has declared a public holiday today.
However, several outbound long-distance trains have been cancelled and many incoming trains have been diverted. The Pune-Western Express Highway has been closed and all trains to Pune have been cancelled as railway tracks were submerged.
Nearly 200 people are reported to be missing after landslides in the Konkan area.

The heavy rainfall, which attacked mumbai. Imagine that rain in chennai how that will be?