Saturday, August 20, 2005

Superstar’s New Project

Rajnikanth, originally uploaded by Jeevan_.

After the success of Chandramuke Superstar Rajnikanth has announced his New Film. After a long time superstar is going to act under his favorite AVM’s banner, this is the 9th movie for him to act under AVM Production. The film will direct by my favorite and Hi-tech Filmmaker Shanker, this movie will also be Shankers 9th movie. It will bring Rajnikanth and Shanker together. Superstar hops the Nine would prove lucky for both of them. It will be Superstar’s 154th film. This will be AVM’s 168th film in its 60th year.

There was been a suspense, what would be the superstars next movie. Now he had cleared it. There is a great excitement of the Movie Name, who will be the Heroine, Music director ect… I thing the movie will become blockbuster.

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