Sunday, January 22, 2006

Happy Week End :)

Yesterday i went out with my mom, dad and cousin brother. we plan to go mahabalipuram. First i went to my old house, where my uncle is living, to pick my cousin brother, and i am happy to see the neighbours and some friends who are working in my uncles Mechanical Shop. after meeting them we travel in the East Cost Road. I used to go one day in 3 months on ECR, my favorite outing is traveling in ECR. I was enjoying every seconds in that Road. Every time when we travel on ECR, we used to stop the car on the muttukadu Bridge and see the sea water entering into Muttukadu lake and saw people going in boat under the bridge. In morning this lake water level will be very low and we can see the fishes and the sand in the water, when we see in evening the lake will be full. I took some photo's of the sea water entering the lake in my Mobile Phone. i realy enjoy the travel between Kovalam and Mahabalipuram,because we can see the Beach very clear and we can feel the sea breeze.

We thought that our Sister (cousin) should also come with us, then it will be very fun, so we call her (she is in Mahabalipuran) from kovalam to get ready, so we pick her and our cousin brother's 2 kids and went to Thirukalukundram (a small town near chennai). When every we go out, we used to cook food and take, so this time my mom cook Puli rice and Thaieer Satham, and eat that food under a tree, near a field. I like to travel in village side. I have travelld in Tirukalkundram-Mahabalipuram road 3 or 4 years back, after that i have travelled now, last time i was travelling on this road all laks, ponds and farmlands are drought with out proper rain and water, this time i saw many lakes have filled with waters and the farmlands are very green, because of last year's good rain. Thirukulukundram is famous for its Vedakereswarrar (Vedagiri hill) and Thiereputasundhari Ammaiyar Temple. We went to Thirukulukundram at 2pm so the temple was closed, they will open at I took some photos of the Temple and the Hill Temple where the god Vedakereswarrar is staying. So we go to the Temple Tank, suprisely it was full, and we round the Temple Tank and the Hill with our car. Every month on Full Moon day, many people will walk round the Temple Hill, (like Thiruvannamalai) i have also rounded this temple hill and climbed the hill some years back, will tell u that story one day.

We return to Mahabalipuram at and leave my Sister and cousin brother's kids. We have some relatives in Mahabalipuram, so my mom and dad went to visit them, so i and my cousin brother stayed in our sister's house and played with the Kids. We waited for 2 hours, till my parents come. we leave Mahabalipuram at 7pm, i said my dad we should go to house before 6pm, because in night, it is difficult for my dad to drive the car, but what to do, it was late and dad drive the car slowely. Traveling in night on ECR will be very nice, the road was very good and the road was shining in dark, they have fixed Radiam stones in the Road. We reach the home at 8.30pm. It was very fun and i enjoyed this travel. Every year From January 15 to 29 the Tamil Nadu Tourisam is conducting a Cultural Dance Festival, in Mahabalipuram, many people from India and many foriegners will come to Mahabalipuram to watch this Dance Festival, i have asked my sister to catch some photos of that festival, so i can put it on the Blog.


Priya said...

oh.. thats a nice info abt cultural festival at mpuram.
so, u had fun!!!

News from Prasanna said...

thats great jeevan. Hope you will be posting the pics that you took in your holiday outing.

visithra said...

looks like u had fun ;) nice trip

monu said...

tat was informative jeevan
looks like u had fun
i had a great weekend too.. i went to a wedding and had great food

My days(Gops) said...

thanks for peeping my blog...

lil _kath said...

Seems u had a good time with your family..that's cool^_^ can't wait to see the pics.


smiley said...

Good you had lots of fun. Driving on ECR road is really enjoyable. Have never been to Thirukalukundram. Will check it out.Thanks

Jo said...

Looks like you had a great time with family. Awaiting the pics. :-)

WA said...

Beautifully written Jeevan, glad you had a great time. Looking forward to the pictures

awakeningcoma said...

hi jeevan after long time , vry happy that u enjoyed ur weekend. life is to enjoy.

Jeevan said...

Priya - Yes i had good fun, thanks.

Prasanna - Thanks Friend, soory friend, my mobile dint get the fecelities to take out the photo's from the mobile.

Visithra - Thanks, i enjoyed the trip.

monu - Thanks monu, nice u also have a great marrage food.:)

MY _day - welcome to my world.

Jeevan said...

kathy - Yes i had a nice trip with family, sorry for not posting the photos.

Smile - Thanks. Check it soon, it have good temples.

Jo - Yes, it was a happy trip. sorry for not posing photos here.

angel - Thanks a lot friend.

awkening - yes, i enjoyed nice, where did u gone these days?

TamilPonnu said...

kovalam beach is pretty nice..I went to the place where they shot Varusham 16 movie.. Im a Karthik fan!!

please post pics when u get a chance..


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