Friday, January 13, 2006

My Mattu (Bull) Pongal celebrations

The Next day of Pongal is Mattu (Bull) Pongal, so on that day i will go to my Grandfather house, because my grandpa has many cows and Buffalo. Mygrandpa is used to bath the cows and buffalo's, (some times me and my brother also have put bath cows, by using the spray tube, some times my aunty will also join with us and spray the water on us, and we pore the water on her, and get scolding from grandma) and paint on there kombu (bough) and fix bells in the kombu and some designed belt on its neck. My grandma will cook Pongal and give it for cows and buffalo's and put pooja's for them and we used to shout Pongalo Pongal mattu Pongal. in that area my grandpa only have bulls, so neighbouring will gather and see our pooja's.

And my uncle and grandpa will take the cow to Temple, and we also used to go with the cow, but we will come in 20 feet gape with the cow, because some times, it will ran. We have a big buffalo, and we used to tie near a wall, so every time it will sharp the his Kombu (bough), i always have fear on that, one time when mygrandpa take that Buffalo to temple, that many people brought there Bulls to temple, when our buffalo saw the bulls, it started running, and all people who are all stand near the temples have feared and run see the buffalo coming towards them, and it became very hard to control it. After that incident we have stoped going with cows to temple. My Grandpa neighbour have a bull cart or bull vehicle and they will decarate their cart and take childreans on that to temples, i also like to go on that cart, but my grandpa will not allow. For me every mattu (bull) pongal give different experiance. when we go to villages on Mattu Pongal, they will celebrated this festival very grand.

Some times we will go to our grandpa village 40km from Chennai, on the Mattupongal evening, and we go to the fileds and see the farmers, who theycelebrate the Mattu Pongal. every time when we go toVillage, we go to the fields and take bath on the canals and the in Pump set (where they take the water form the well and spread to the fields. and eat Nungu (kernal of tender plamyrah fruit) and elaneer (tender coconut) and will return on Night, when we returning in night, the road will be very dark and the two sides of the road is forest. it will be very fear to travell on that road.


Adaengappa !! said...

Whoa ! Thats a nice write up..I've not witnessed any mattu pongal celebrations in person !!
..Living in concrete jungles( !!

Nungu & Elaneer..I miss them fresh ones yo ! All i get here is processed packed Nungu & Elaneer stuffs :-( ..
eNakum serthu konjam saaptukko :-)

praveen said...

thats nice my fren...i also have never heard of a personal mattu pongal experience..

i wonder how a visit to an indian village would be..would it be just like in the tamil movies?with the naatamai and stuff..

revatechnic said...

yeah tell me about concrete jungles like what adengappa said.
Hmmm.. it must be really nice to go and have your maattu pongal celebrations in the village.

Jeevan said...

Adengappa - Thanks friend. sure, i will eat for. Celebraing the mattu pongal in village is a very nice experieance. they will also conduct Kabadi contest.and catching Rabbits. Try to go to a village on mattu pongal day in future. Happy pongal.

Jeevan said...

Praveen - Thanks Friend. Now a days the naatamai rules are in only some villages. the villages will be nice, they will show only a little sites in movies, when we see them live, it is a great experieanc. some years back i used to go to villages ever summer holidays. Wish u a happy pongalo pongal.

Jeevan said...

reva - yes, for me when every i go to village, it will be like living in a Nature. what adengappa said is very true. we are living in concreat jungles, the farmers are living in nature jungle. Happy Pongal Friend.

Anonymous said...

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