Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Your Comments gave me Strength

That day i wrote that how many year i will live (January 11, I like to Live). Your comments on that post really give me new strength for my Mind. Last night i was thing about my post and your comments, the first thing that struch my mind is Tsunami and the Pakistan Earthquack. You all told that, no one knows when we will die. Like that, the people who are died in tsumani, they also dont know they will die on December 26, 2004. I hope the people who are all lost there life in tsunami should also have a big dreams of their future and also like to live many years in this world. I have see many time that people play cricket on Marina Beach in Chennai. on Decemer 26 also many people have played cricket, but they dont know that there joy is going to end in minute's. In the earthquack also many people have lost their life and there future dreams. In Pakistan there was at least 400 childreans where struck into a school, which was gone under the earth in the quack, they also dont know that there life will be saved or not. how will be for the small kids, realy they have touched the dead entrance and came. There are many disable people in this world, when they all think and worry about there life, they cant be happy and enjoy in this world.

I saw a movie on sunday, in that they show a mentally and physically affected people, staying in orphanage. I know there are some Disable orphanage's in this world. I have Parents to take care me till there life end or my life end. But for orphans, who will take care, i know how difficult is to live in orphange with mentally and physically disablility. I have mother and father, but also i have worry and fear of my life.For the childreans who are in orphanage, there fear and worry are should be bigger than me. Really i feel bad about that post, what i have writen on January 11 was very very simple thing compare to disable orphan people, I think January 11 post shows my selfish, dont care about other disable people and their worry for me. i felt shame why my mind think like that.

Shuuro gave me the site of Professor Stephen William Hawkings. The site realy gives me a encouragement. Hawking was affected by Motor Neurone Dieseas (MND) and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). ALS/MND is a neurological disease that affects over 350,000 of the world’s population, and kills over 100,000 every year. Realy Hawking inspired me. Hawking also feared that he will be died in a few years. But he dint die, he got marraged and have one grand child. Hawking has twelve honorary degrees, was awarded the CBE in 1982, and was made a Companion of Honour in 1989. He is the recipient of many awards, medals and prizes and is a Fellow of The Royal Society and a Member of the US National Academy of Sciences. How did he achive this? with his selfconfident and support of his family, the doctors told to Hawking, dont worry about u r dieseas, continue your work. I thank Shuuro to show me a great self confident man and i think that hawkings was not alone achived, there are many people in this world near thedead, have achived in there life and live happy. After reading his life, i feel like refresing me. Now i realise that hear after i should not worry of mydisable, and be happy and should consentrate on my favorite things to forget the fear.


News from Prasanna said...

Cheer Up Jeevan.

Disability is not a hurdle. You can do many things.

Adaengappa !! said...

Hey Jeevan,
Be confident !
You have many options available.Why not pay a visit to Vidyasagar,1-Ranjith road,Kotturpuram /or SPASTN ,Taramani /Rehab center-KK Nagar(Opp.Udhayam Theatre) for further vocational guidance courses.You may want to join some courses and learn a skill that would help you earn in future..

Check my email..

Jo said...

Keep your spirits high buddy. And as Prabhu suggested, engage with some activities. Hugs.

Dubukku said...

Man you certainly are inspirational. I take lots of learnings from you.

lil _kath said...

Yeah we don't have to worry about anything in life.
We should have fun while we're at it...
Everyday is a life time challenge yaar.


TamilPonnu said...

last time i visited india.. my friends and I paid a visit to the orphanage for the Disabled kids in T'veli/ we took alot of school supplies and some toys. The kids were sooo happy that someone came to visit them, OH man! that really opened my eyes- These kids were cheerful and simple, they were living a happy life there. Once I started talking to them, and joking around, and having fun.. you really don't see that there's anything wrong with them. We had a good time and I will def going back on my next trip.

Shuuro said...

Jeevan, it is nice to see change in your thought process. I'm sure this positive attitude will bring you happiness. You should not feel bad for expressing concern over your life, it is easy to get overwhelmed by other less fortunate peoples suffering but in the end it doesn't make your suffering any less. What i'm saying is, we can only get inspired by others to some extent but to endure, we need to draw inspiration from within ourselves.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Life goes on Jeevan..don't worry..have solid will power.!! (
(Remember - Vidhiyai kooda madhiyal vellalam).

Sir.Stephen Hawkings was here a few months back..Unfortunately..I missed him.!


visithra said...

I must have missed that post - was very busy that day - sorry dear

but no it wasnt a selfish post - it was far from that - everyone has a fear for death - either of their own or of losing others

it was you sharing your life with us - thank you for that

it isnt selfish to want to live it is selfish to not want to knowing it will affect others

you're a darling dear - we can only hope to live long - but we cannot know when our time will be up - so live your life to the best - obstacles are what you put for yourself everything else can be overcome

Ferocious Killer Kat said...

jeevan, as I said before, u r really a brave person. Keep up with the positive and strong attitude that u have, and enjoy every moment!

So did u start reading Da vinci code??

Jeevan said...

Prasanna - Thanks, sure will do good things.

Adengappa - Sure, will joing in a good course, that will be usefull in my future. yes i have visited Spastic Society of Tamil Nadu and have done exercise for a year. Thanks for u r advice friend.

Jo - Sure jo, thanks friend.

Jeevan said...

dubukku - Thanks, i learn form u r blog, how to enjoy the life.

Kathy - yes, i realize that anything is permanent in future. Thanks.

tamil ponnu - I dint saw any orphanage,that why i dont know how they are living. You have done good job, to visit the kids.

Jeevan said...

Shuuro - U r true friend, taking other person as inspiration is just a examlple, with that example we should do our sums. Sure i feel happy. thanks a lot friend.

Venkitu - ok friend, i will not get worry hear after. realy hawkings is nice person, i realize it after reading his site.

Jeevan said...

Visithra - Thanks for your kind words friend. in this world every one will fear for some thing, fisher men have fear on tsunami, for Iraqi people terrorist is the fear.

Kunsjoi - Thanks friend, yes i stared reading Da vini code, it is very to read.

monu said...

hey jeevan
shurro has said it so well that we need to draw inspiration from within

and as adengappa prabhu, you can improve upon your skills too

good luck friend!

Jeevan said...

monu - Sure i will improve my skils. thanks friend.

Anonymous said...

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