Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Tag Tag, Tag Tag…. 4 Tag

I was tagged by Kunsjoi

Four jobs I have had :

My first Job is AD Typist; I should post this Ad,
(Home Based Jobs – You can Earn upto Rs. 10,000 – 15,000 pm
Seeking home Ad typists. Paid per response, not per sale. No previous experience is required, full training provided. Please send your enquiry to us) on many sites, like Adpost.com, freeclassifieds.com, indianads.com ect, if any body see this ad and sent me mails, the company will give me Rs.4 for one mail. I done this job for 2 months, but I dint get any response for that company.

Four movies I would watch over and over again:

1. Basha ( a tamil movie), there is a fight in this movie (my favorite), where our super star Rajini Kanth pull the hand pump and beat the roudys, really the CD was get scratched, I used to see the fight replay for many times and the background music is very nice in this movie (basha, tan tadatan….)

2. Gilly – I like this movie for its Fast screenplay, and the action of Vijay. Y favorite scen is Sumo (Car) Chasing and climax fight.

3. Titanic – It’s a beautyfull love epic poem, I like the scens where the Hero Jack and his friend, go to the edge of the ship and see the Dholpins sailing in front of the ship. the Jack and Rose stand on the edge of the ship, and exchange there Love, and the background music is very nice in this movie and the hero Jack draw the nude art of heroine Rose, is very beautiful I wonder how they took that shot. And the last scen were the Ship brokes, I can’t imagine like this. There is no limitt to enjoy this movie, I have see lot of time, but I dint get bore for a single time.

4. Speed – I think I have see this movie at least more than 10, times. The hero have done a good action, I like the scen where the hero jack, go under the Bus to take the Bomb and the final shot of the train which broke the wall and run on the Road, the bus jumpthe big hole on the Bridge.

Four places I have lived:

I have lived in only two place.

1. I born in Adyar (Chennai) area, and grow in the same area.
2. Last year we changed our house to Thiruvanmiure (Chennai) area.

Four TV shows I love to Watch:

1.Nengal katta Padal (tamil program) on Suntv. In this show we can learn many intersting information about the world places.

2.Global Teeker in Discovery Travel & Living – we can see many important City in the world, and can know information about that city, like culture, food habits, and any beautyful locations. I used to write the name of the place they show and browze that names in the google.com and find more information about that place.

3. Nation Tonight in NDTV – I think this is the best news program, where they covery important news in country wide and it is easy to understand the, Natasha’s (news reader) English and her styel of reading news are very nice.

4. KBC-2 in Star Vijay – It was a game show, which host by Bollywood superstar Amitab Bachan. The questions are very informative and knowledgable. In KBC my favorite episode is Sania Mirza and Lara Dhatta’s special show. I am very happy to recommend this show to any body. After amitab’s ill ness they have stoped this show, I don’t know when they will show this program.:(

4 Vacations, I will always remember

1. Ooty – it’s a nice place I have see, the thottabata is very favorite tourist place in Oots, the hishest point in south India. The way between thottabata and Ooty is very cool and good place to take photo’s

2. Kodaikanal – there are lot to tell about this place, my favorite locations in this hill is Green Valle, Pillar Rock, Coaker walk and Barijam. It is very beautyful place, full of green plants and flowers.

3. Mudhumalai Wild Life Santuary – Wow! It was a very nice experieance to travell on the Ooty to Mysore road, we no need to go inside the forest, the travell on road itseld give us going inside forest. We saw many animal in that rought.

4. Mysore – I like mysore for its Botanical Garden near Krishna Raja Sagar Dam, wow!!, amazing garden and its water dance is very beautyful. The mysore palace is very nice place for tourist, every Sunday they put lights for hole palace.

My favorite 4 foods

1. Idly – Sambar
2. Puliyotharai (tamarind rice), which used to give in temples.
3. Keerai rice (green rice) – is the very nartural food, when we eat the green rice and beetroot as side dish it will be very nice.
4. Fish fry

Four places I'd rather be now:

I lived only in Chennai, my favorite places in chennai is Merina Beach, Besant Nagar Beach. Woodlence Drive in restarent and Drive-in Theater ect……… there is no limit to tell about chennai. Any where we can go in this world, but i like to live only in Chennai, Chennai is a developing city, we have all fecelities.

Four sites I visit daily

My World
World News
Google search

Four people I tag

I Don’t like to give my friend Home work, if they intersted, can do on there own.


unknown said...

nice one....U dont want anybody to do the homework what u did is it?

R Girls said...

i love idly sambar..too and ofcoure keerai masial..hmmmm fish no..veggi..tagged well

Jo said...

Those homebased job ads are all false man!

awakeningcoma said...

intha tagging thollai eppa mudiyumo

Kuntal Joisher said...

mudumalai is an awesome place.. I was there for 2 days.. some good fun.. ooty and kodaikanal r awesome too!!

Jeevan said...

Ammu – Thanks, many people are not like to do the tags, so we should not disturb them. its ok I will tag you next time.

Barbienan – Thank you, :)

Jo – they have disappointed me. :(

Awakening – thariyaliya nanba.

Kunsjoi – they are amazing places, I can’t forget my memories in Kodai and Ooty, they are very beautiful places.

Unknown said...

Nice one Jeevan. Mudhumalai ponadhillai, always wanted to go, maybe next time.

Idli sambhar :(( Mummy :((

expertdabbler said...

puliyodharai enakkum pidikkum:)

Kathy said...

It seems you've been tagged a lot nowadays yaar.. that's tough!^_^ Well..i'd like to taste that foods you're talking,sounds yummy^_~

tulipspeaks said...

Keerai rice (green rice)

i'm still thinking what is this..


TamilPonnu said...


i've never had keerai rice.. will give it a try.. if someone.. ( hint hint ) can make for me or hook me up..

What's the big deal about Marina beach.. I've never experienced it.. hmm.. it's gonna go on my "things to try" list.


Unknown said...

Tamil Ponnu, marina beach ponadhilliyaa? adadaa, change your name first :P

Visithra said...

Hey when i was in india - i stayed in adyar n used to roam around those streets ;) - i love that place ;) so nice to know ;) very interesting post

yeah yeah marina is the bomb especially for the bajjis ;p

Pandhu said...

Jeevan... irukkureh tag ellam anuppittu, ippo enna nalla pillai maadhiri.."i dun want my frens to do homework?"...
Idhu over-a theriyaleh??

Jeevan said...

Angel – Thanks friend. Sure go and visit that nature. U too like Idli sambar.:)

Pk – antha taste’ a thane. :)

Kathy – hai these foods will be very nice, if u taste it once, u will not leave. I like to do tag.

Amutha – there are some plants like Arai keerai, Siru keerai ect…. we pick that plants leaf and put it the cooker and grinde it and mixed with the rice. I think u r mom will know that.

Jeevan said...

Tamil Ponnu – tamil ponnu keerai rice sapitatha illai ya. Hum enna tamil ponnu nenga. hen u visit Chennai next time go to marina beach and have a good fun.

Angel – correcta sonenga uma.

Visithra – my house is also in Adyar, but last year we changed to Thiruvnmiur. Thiruvanmiur is next to adyar. Thanks dear. Now Merina is famous for Tsunami. Haha..

Reva – enna ora oru tag panittu, enamo 100 tag panna mathiri effect kudukeringa. Wiat I will send u a difficult tag.

smiley said...

hi jeevan u know my favourite spot is marina beach and eating milagai bajjii

Jeevan said...

smileyy - nice, but i used to eat sundal in Beach.

Balaji S Rajan said...

Jeevan interesting to know about your likings. I am happy that you liked Gilli, Speed, Titanic. I also liked Gilli and have seen all the movies you have mentioned more than once.

Jeevan said...

Balaji – Thanks friend. Nice that u too like these movies.:)

Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing this link - but unfortunately it seems to be not working? Does anybody here at jeevansworld.blogspot.com have a mirror or another source?