Thursday, April 06, 2006

Cell Phones, Let be care full

In today’s life Cell Phones have become a non-avoidable one. Where ever we go, the different different ring tones passes on our ears.

It starts form Hello… what you eat in morning… to high level official matters were discussed in Cell phones. Private companies are competition with other cell phone companies and announcing concession to cover the clients. They are crashing there brain, how to give more concession to control there business competition. Because of this, the cell phone users have raised in lakhs (or million) . The talking time has also been estimately increased. This will be one side; from Cell Phones will cancer come? Or not? The Scientist has gone to Conference range with static’s details and searching. Connecting to this, one of the forefront Cell Phones manufacturing country Finland is researching intensively.

Presently a research was held about the security comfort in brain and how the cell phone radiations are affecting. In human brains normally there is a natural security Armour. It will stop the dangerous object, which mix with blood circulation and enter the brain.

In this situation, from the research they have found, the Cell phone radiation will damage this nature structure. Next, the Italian scientists had researched in this. At that time, the cell phone radiations affect our body’s normal cells and it also create a danger of cancer. Except this, a information published, that we get a different depression and head pain if we talk in cell phones for long time. With the basic of this, a research had been held. In that, we come to know that there is a link between the Cell Phone radiations and the uncomfortable like this. Further, the scientist said this uncomfortable can also be starting sign for cancer effects. Because of this research reports, we cant come to an accurate end of Cell Phones. However it can be, being precaution is good for us. What can we do for that?

When we buy Cell Phones, we should see, the class of battery powers perfect to talk long time? Because this type of cell phones has the nature of releasing low radiations. In Cell phones don’t talk for hours. Try to end your talk in short. We can avoid the cell phones, which release more radiations. Strictly avoid taking in cell phones while u drive vehicles, when we talk in cell phones, what ever we can be carefully, but also we have little chance to loss our attention. Because of this we can face an accident. We can avoid using the cell phones near ears when we talk. We can talk with the help earphones; by this we can avoid the radiations that comes out form Cell phones.

Our security, is in our hand

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Barbienan said...

vital information.However I am blessed that I dont talk much on phone.So for sure I am out of this danger :-)

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வேதா said...

hi jeev, i was thinking of writing abt this, but u got it first. anyway our safety is in our hands. i dont have a mobile, even though i can get one. ofcourse its highly useful when used in a good way. good post yaar.

monu said...

i talk a lot on the cell phone...

such things scare me..lets see...
but is it really true?

ashok said...

another necessary evil... :-(

WA said...

Nice post Jeevan. I love the fact that your blog has informative posts all the time. Keep going mate

Ferocious Killer Kat said...

I'm fortunate enough not to own a cellphone.. the only reason I see cellphones being of any use is during emergency situation. Other than that they are total nuisance!

Keshi said...

good info..but I cant live w.o. my mobile :)


awakeningcoma said...

before days cell was luxury now a neccissity so no way avoiding cells

tulipspeaks said...

high radiation, low radiation or no radiation..

i cannot live without my mobile phone..


Ghost Particle said...

this is a genuine concern and also a serious one. Well there no concrete evidence for brain damage, and brain damage can occur in many ways. but the true story is that, there are more radiaton around us rather than cell phones alone.

I agree that we have to choose the best phones. But wait till the final say comes out of cellphone dangers.

Vanathi said...

Useful post...

Jeevan said...

Barbienan – Thanks, if we don’t talk too much, we will not get any affect.

Kartik Kannan – I have much friend (I mean blog friend), I am satisfied with it. Now a days I even dint getting time to read there blogs. Thank you:)

Veda – Thanks, use the earphones, if u get a mobile.

Monu – try to decrease taking in phones, but the scienties dint tell on hope.

Ashok – it will be evil, in how we use it.

Angel – Thanks friend:)

Jeevan said...

Kunsjoi – cell phones are invented for Emergency situation I agree

Keshi – Thanks :)

Awakening – I agree

Amutha - :)

GP – I think the radiation around us will not affect our inner body. Will wait and see for the result of the research.

Vanathi – Thank you:)

lil _kath said...

..ya i've been reading too about this things ,and its really scary..definitely true.
...our security is in our hand.
..good post yaar.
thanx for sharing.
happy weekend!


Jo said...

I always put the cell on the desk. Am also a little addicted to cell phone, coz of its reachability. :-)

Arjuna_Speaks said...

Jeevan - Vaiko patti eluthuringala? super :)..en blog-layum atha patti thaan poten..

Jeevan said...

Kathy – Thanks, enjoy the weekend:)

Jo – recharge is always trouble in cellphones.

Arjuna – padichan, unga blog peru super.:)

Arjuna_Speaks said...

jeevan namma captain election arikai vitu irukaru - vasichingala..adutha mudalvarnu nirupichitu irukaru :P

Jeevan said...

Hum padichaan, 15kg rice for every poor family, permanent solution for Kavari nalla arikkai thaan.

smiley said...

maybe the hands free equipment should reduce the risk