Thursday, May 04, 2006

Pramod Mahajan death

Bharatiya Janata Party general secretary and Former IT Minister, Pramod Mahajan who was shot by his brother Pravin, was died yesterday in Hinduja Hospital Mumbai after 12 days of struggle.

On 22nd April morning, Pravin left his house in Thane (India) at 5.30 a.m. and reached the Mahajan house in Worli at 7.30 a.m. the Mahajan wife Rekha gave pravin tea and Mahajan was continued to go through the morning paper, the Pravin tried to started a conversation. Worse, when pravin tried to talk business, Mahajan brushed him off and said: Talk to my secretary. Pravin had enough of it and in a fit of range, opened fire thrice. Pravin told to police, Pramod did not do anything for me in life, my financial condition is not good and I have been insulted a number of times and I had pent-up anger. He
BJP leader and Mahajan’s brother-in-law, Gopinath Munde, who stays on the 13th floor is the most high profile of the second-generation leaders of the BJP was shot in his 15th floor residence at Purna apartments in Worli.

, rushed upstairs and took Mahajan to the Hinduja Hospital. Around the time Pravin had surrendered in Police. Pravin’s lawyer has since claimed that his client is mentally unstable. But Mumbai Police said that there was no problem with the state of mind of the accused. According to sources, the reason for the attempted fratricide could be very personal. They say that Pravin, who was into heavy drinking and gambling (though his remand report says that he is only an occasional drinker), was a consultant to several companies including Reliance Infocomm and got paid around Rs 70,000 a month. But the problem was that the money was remitted directly to his wife account. Thus, Pravin, who had accumulated debts, was always in need of money. According to Union home ministry sources, Mahajan had allegedly acquired shares of a prominent company in his Wife name and wanted it transferred back to him. The subject of that morning’s discussion was the deal, and Pravin demanded money for doing the transfer.

Another theory is that Pravin was trying to rebuild his career in construction business and he needed Rs 50 crore. He hoped his brother would help him but that was not to be. His other siblings know Mahajan as the big brother who was always willing to help. Mahajan is the eldest of five siblings. When his father died Mahajan was 23 and Pravin, 9. The responsibility of supporting the family fell on Mahajan. When he moved to Mumbai as general secretary of the BJP's state unit, Pravin followed him. After Pravin’s marriage in 1986, Mahajan helped him buy a house in Thane. Mahajan’s final funeral will be held today.


Truly Yours said...

In tamil there is a proverb, Adi udhavara madhiri annan thambhi kuda vudhavamaatan.

May be Pravin knows it too.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Mahajan’s final funeral ??

Maybe a typo :)

Truly Yours - can you translate into english ?

Arjuna_Speaks said...

Yes jeevan - it is very sad :(

Shuba said...

Hey i jus wanted to know wat happened nice post....but wat to tahts real sad.

Keshi said...

read abt this in many sad...and to be shot by his own brother was a total shock!

Anonymous above who's finding faults in Jeevan's writing, needs to get a life/job...


Jeevan said...

Truly Yours - correcta sonninga

Anonymoues - "Adi udhavara madhiri annan thambhi kuda vudhavamaatan": brother's will also not help like beat helps

Arjuna - :(

Shuba - thanks

Keshi - Brothers changing as a yama for there own brother, is cruel. thanks.

lil _kath said...

..that's a shocking story! so sad coz they're family naa..;(
..really money is the root of all evil!