Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Short & Sweet (future funtastic)

As we move into a faster, zippy world, English will still be spoken. But the ‘no-time-to-stop-and-speak’ lifestyle will spout acronyms. ECT will be in. So KISS. Confused? Easy, to-the-point communication. So keep it short and sweet. Here’s looking at the future of MAME (messages and ads may emerge) world.

House wanted:
A DEAD (decent, educated, aristocratic dude) want a 1-BHK (bedroom-hall-kitchen) with CLAP (car-park, lawn and pool) in a PARA (posh, affluent, residential area).

Bride wanted:
A THEW (tall, handsome, educated, well-mannered) boy seeks a WITCH (white, intelligent, talented, cultured, homely) girl with RIP (rich, industrialist parents) and UFO (unlimited financial offering).

MD’s message:
The company is in a SCAR (severe crisis-affected run). Request all employees to HOP (help overcome the problem) by WHAT (working hard and timeless). Your TAWA (timely assistance will be awarded). For more details ACHE (assembly in the conference hall everybody).

Home delivery:
We want 2 CRAP (chicken rolls and patties), 1 plate ACTS (American chop suey and Thai salad). For desert BITCH (butterscotch ice-cream topped with chocolate and honey sauce.) MIF (make it fast).

A doggy friend:
I am a BLAB (bachelor, lonely and bored). I want a DC (dog for company), ABCD (any breed, cheap and disciplined). Preferably BBC (brown, beautiful and clever).

Top PIT (politician in trouble):
A senior politician was CTBT (caught taking bribe form terrorists). A TRIP (team of reporters implement a plan) where a SCAMS (spy-cam was attached to the minister’s site). The WEPT (whole episode between the politician and terrorist) was recorded. PUSH (parties created unruly scenes in the House) and OBS (opposition boycotted the session).

The world has shrunk, and so has the word


Keshi said...

LOL the Bride one is really funny! hahahaha!


smiley said...

Hi Jeevan
That was really funny.
You are true in this fast world things are getting short and sweet

My days(Gops) said...

nice info jeev....

Ghost Particle said...

such a cool post...had me laughing...!

tulipspeaks said...

lol.. i had a good laugh

thats a gr8 1 !!!!


Jeevan said...

Keshi - me too liked that, thanks:)

Smiley - as the world develops every day the words are becoming shot. thank you

Gops - Thanks:)

Gp - thanks friend

Amutha - laugh is a good treatment for human's. thanks

Naayagan said...

very funny!

Jo said...

Haha... interesting! :-)

Jeevan said...

Thanks Jo and Naayagan:)

lil _kath said...

haha...that's crazy ^_^
...good laughed here Jeevan ^_~
..nice info though! *wink*


Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY! » » »