Thursday, May 11, 2006

Sun Rised in Tamil Nadu (DMK+ Win)

This year (2006) started with Election flurry in Tamil Nadu. The political parties started their plans for election, talking with parties for alliance and conduct public meetings and announce their alliance. In April the flurry touched its high, every political parties release their candidate list who are contesting in the election and the candidates filed there nomination; parties release their election proclamation; and important leaders start their propaganda to collect vote for there candidates. The propaganda’s are gone like festivals. In between the newspapers, magazines and news channels conduct Survey and gave some percentage and chaos the people for their part. On May 6th all activities of parties have come to an end. On 8th the polling was held peacefully with 70% of poll. This time the percentage of polling has increased.

Today the election flurry was finally came to an End; the vote counting started this morning Every one expects that leading parties ADMK or DMK is going to win.
There expectations have full filled now. The Democratic Progressive Alliance (UPA) let Dravida Munattra Kalagam (DMK) has won maximum seats in this Assembly Election and going to form a government by M.Karunanithi as Chief Minister for the 5th time. Total places 234 in that DMK alliance got 162 and ADMK alliance got The DMK win in 95 constituencies, Congress won 35, PMK won 18, CPM won 9, and CPI won 7. And the ADMK won 61, MDMK – 6, Viduthalai Chiruthai – 2 and the remaining constituencies was won by independent. The DMDK chief and actor Vijayakanth won in Viruthachalam. DMK president M.Karunanithi won in Chepauk, ADMK general secretary & Chief Minister Jayalalithaa win in Andipatti. In Mylapore the ADMK candidate S.Ve.Sekar beat DMK's Nepolian. In Tamil Nadu no one got Majority to form a government on their own.

In Pondicherry the Congress alliance sweep maximum seats. In 30 constituencies the Congress won 10, the DMK – 7, PMK – 2, CPI – 1. The ADMK – 3, Puthuvai congress – 3 & MDMK – 1. Pondicherry Chief Minister Rangasamy win by 25,000 seats different.

West Bengal:
In West Bengal's previous government forms new government. In 294 constituencies the CPI win 233 seats, Trinamool Congress – 30 the Congress – 24, and others won 7.

In Kerala the present Congress government lose its seats to the Left. The Left Democratic Front (LDF) win in 98 places, United Democratic Front (UDF) – 42 seats and others won remaining places.

In Assam 110 constituencies the Congress won - 45, Assam Ganaprish - 25 and other- 4.

Rae Bareli:
Congress president Sonia Gandhi won in the Lok Sabha by-election form Rae Bareli constituency in 80,000 vote difference. Gandhi sought re-election upon quitting in March after the opposition accused her of violating the constitution by being a lawmaker as well as head of the National Advisory Council.


Arjuna_Speaks said...

Nanmba engal Captain jeythu vitaar - avar singamya - epothume thorka mataar :) - very happy :)

smiley said...

thought amma would win, but DMK got it. good as long as someone rules the state in a good manner :)
good info jeevan

Jeevan said...

Arjun - unga (namba) Captain mattum jeychitaru:) aduthavati naraiya thoguthila jaiparu.

Smiley - i agree, Thanks friend.

Ferocious Killer Kat said...

jeevan, DMK + Congress won in TN!!! just as exit polls predicted.. and congress did somewhat good in Assam too.. and pondi.. WB and kerala it got wiped out!! but its fine.. I've always thought they should stop holding elections in West bengal.. no party other than left is winning there for next however many yrs to come..

Anonymous said...

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