Friday, June 30, 2006

Doctors Day & My Doctor.

We will be very healthy, but who know what will happen to us next minute, suddenly we feel sick, or affected by any disease in this pollution world. So that time, we need a person to solve our problem, he is Doctor. What every happen to us, first we visit doctors and then only god. Can we imagine a world with out Doctors? In the Medical world, doctors have discovered many medicines to cure rare disease and working day and night for us. And now its time to thanks them for their great work in this World.

After mothers and fathers, it is the turn of doctors to celebrate their Day on July 1. Doctors Day offered an opportunity to express gratitude to doctors for the selfless service to mankind, it said. Doctors Day came into being in 1991 when the Government of India recognized July 1, the birth as well as death anniversary of Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy.

Its time to remember about My Family Doctor R.Nandhakumar. From my memory day, I am getting treatment form him. Whatever problem I get in my health, I will visit his clinic and get cure. My brother & I have scolded him many times for pinching injection, instead of getting angry he will smile. Even if, we call him in the mid-night, he response us, and my dad and he was good friend, he was treating my grandma for at least 23 or 24 years. Some time I feel happy to visit his clinic to play with the things, which is on his table. Whenever I go I try to secretly steal the scenery photos form his table, if we use the medicines by his advice, sure it will work out well. He was one of the Best Doctors in Chennai; He was a neurosurgeon in Chennai Government General Hospital, and Professor in Chennai Medical Collage. Nowadays I can’t visit his clinic to play with his table, he is intensity to find medicine for my dieses, he also introduce us to some MD specialist for treatment, every doctors are in research to fine medicines for my dieses, hope they will achieve it. Thanks Doctors, for your hard works to keep us healthy.


ghost particle said...

Thax for reminding Jeevan.

May we never forget the real heroes in our lives.

starry said...

What would we do without doctors. thanks for letting us know about doctors day.

வேதா said...

hi i dint know abt doctors day. we are actually lucky to have a great family doctor. he is so kind and very casual and has a great comic sense. he wears a smile in his face always, and most importantly he refuses to inject unless it is highly necessary.

smiley said...

jeevan very good info. when we were small and were sich they used to take us to a doctor nearby (more like a family doctor). when we saw someone else being injected we used to cry so loud that the doctor would get so angry and made sure we got an injection :)

Kathy said...

..oh i dunno that there's a doctor day Jeevan, thanx!

..yeah, it really helps to have a family doctor of our own who knows our medical history since childhood.

..take care yaar!

..oops is it u the one who gave comment on my blog and wrote his new email add.?

...let me know naa and do u have orkut? i can add. u there and at least we can communicate there together w/ other fellow bloggers.
it's quite cool there ^_^ and im looking forward to chat w/ u sometimes yaar!

..enjoy weekend!


Movie Mazaa said...

dcotors are nice, but its nicer that u remember them and acknowledge their efforts with gratitude!


Jeevan said...

GP – it’s true, they are the real hero’s.

Starry nights – many have been die, if there is no doctors.

Veda – doctors work are great in this world, we should encourage doctors on this day by congratulating them.

Smiley – when I go to doctor, I used to tell my dad, pls ask doctor not to put injection. Our doctor will tell, the injection is like ant bite, we only know how it will pain;( Thanks friend.

Kathy – I think its safe for us to visit family doctor, instead of see a new doctor. Till doctors live, we no need to worry. No its not my email add. Me too have a account in Orkut, my too very interest to chat with u. this is my email U can add me.
Happy Sunday Kathy

Velu – Thank you. How can I forget them and their service?

Visithra said...

aww thats sweet -ur dr sounds like a wonderful man ;) thank god for ppl like him

Jeevan said...

Visith - :)

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