Sunday, June 11, 2006

Kodai celebration (Barijam)


On Sunday 28th went to Barijam, it was a restricted area, a thick Forest. We brought permission form the Forest department and went, it was a unpolluted place. There was a beautiful fresh lake, in evening and morning forest animals will come and drink water, but the time we went, their was no animals, the lake was look like, the lake which comes in Hollywood movie Lake palace. We planed to spend at least 2 hours their, but the rain come and spoiled. The way to Barijam was cool, two sides trees cover the road, it was like going inside a cave, in some places the mist cover the roads and vehicle use lights.
My grandpa holding Arvinds hand and cutting the cake

After return from Barijam we cut cake and celebrate our cousin Aravinds birthday in our room, he was happy to celebrate his birthday in Kodaikanal. The place we were stayed was very down, the vehicle was very hard to climb, and easy to go down. The neighbor house was a beautiful bungalow, with lots of flowers and plum trees, our cousin go and secretly pick the plums and eat. There are lots of houses built on the hill’s slope near to our house, it has long steps to climb, we can’t imagine if a mudslide comes, what will they do. They are living in risk; I was wonder to see these. I saw in the binocular, there were 3 small boys playing cards in sitting on the slopes. Some kids play cricket on the in that place, I think what will they do if they shot a sixes, but were ever ball goes that pick them in minutes.
This house is next to our room where we stayed, and the houses, which are, build on the slopes.

Actually our plan was to stay 3 days in Kodaikanal, but my grandma and grandpa can’t bear (stand) the cold, so we change our plan and decided to visit Theakkadi on Monday. My mind is not read to leave the drizzle and cool Kodai; I am in a sad mood in morning, and tried enjoying the last movement on the hills and the chill.
Upper view of the Barijam Lake
Me, my dad and cousin bro before the lake



WA said...

Jeevan, the travelogue is coming along very nicely. Keep writing.

Shuba said...

hey jeevan loveely snaps...that is real cool...wish ii visited kodai....lovely photos!

Ven said...

Jeeven - i like all ur post.
Very decent writing..i enjoying urs

Jeevan said...

Angel - I was thing that i am boring all my friends by writing my kodai trip. but u like it, Thanks Friend

Shuba - Thank you, its lovely place:)

Ven - THanks ven, Welcome:)

unknown said...

nice one jeevan.....good scenaries..
hope u enjoyed the trip..
keep smiling:-)

Ghost Particle said...

hows ur vacation going...?

Jeevan said...

ammu - thanks, we enjoyed a lot.

GP - its went fine.

visithra said...

very nice snaps n nice vacation account

Anonymous said...


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