Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Blast in Mumbai ( flash news)

At least 100 innocents have killed and hundreds have injured in a horrible Bomb blast in Mumbai this evening (6.pm ISD). Blast took place in 8 different railway stations through out the city. Police confirmed that 60 bodies have been counted. All trains had been suspended in Mumbai, and asked the public to stay away from the train stations of the city of 16 million, India's financial and commercial center and principal port on the Arabian Sea. The first explosion hit the train at a railway station in the northwestern suburb of Khar. A red alert has been sounded in the Maharashtra. Now its raining in mumbai, so the helps have been disturbed. I think our security system is weak, they have to Strengthen it. If the government leave this matter as silly, we have to face more incidents like this in future. we cant even imagine when the blast help people jump form the train to save their life.


priya said...

Its a sad day. I did write in my blog. If killing someone makes an another human happy, they are insane.

V N said...

Not again. Hv been frantically trying to ring up friends and dear ones. :(

Why does it have to be this way??

Ashish said...

Mumbai is getting targeted regularly, Terrorist activity got shifted from Mumbai to places like Aurangabad but Mumbai is still ultimate target being pride of India

Shuuro said...

Our security system is not weak but people who has control over these security institutions are
shrewd politicians, who play communal politics and manipulate things to their advantage unless it won't effect them directly, with such attitude we don't have any clear policy towards internal and external security and with this they made our security institutions hands tied. When our security officers had openly stated that some of our MPs and MLAs support and harbor anti-national elements from inside and across boarders, our ruling class have no guts to deal with them, because of their influence in certain community and due to vote bank politics.

We feel gratified with out pour of condemnation of these acts across the world and forget about the master minds and feel satisfied with nabbing petty terrorist who executed these acts (that too is not sure). With every such incident, we all sing song, that these people are no human beings & have no religion and go back to our daily chores and don't bother to understand their agenda and long term goals of these pathetic creatures.

As i just wrote in some other's blog, feel cozy in your safe houses and wait for your turn to die, When you meet your faith enjoy your death!.

Ps: My apologies if any of you feel i'm bit rude!

Keshi said...

So shocking and very disturbing pics. I cant even imagine how those people felt at the time!

What a waste of lives. Terrorism is the lowest kind of act in the world and it still seem to rule all of us.


Anil The Great said...

innocent lives... bloodshed ... communication systems jammed ... chaos and confusion... life strandled, death would seem better for some, than life, at this time.

and there is only one reason why all this happen,again and again and again, coz we do not have any respect for human life. And that is reflected in our governance of the country. When 9/11 happened in US, the whole of world and the US came up with attacking Afganistan in a very swift action, but when parliament was attacked, when so many srinigar blasts happened, when so many such other incidences happened, India was almsot silent. Nothing much was spoken beyind condolences and some angry words against the terrorists. And then back to normal, life as usual. For most of us, it was just and incidence, something to re-collect at times, but for those who were victims, they, their families will never be the same again. So many families would have lost their sole bread earner. A well settled, happy middle class, family comes to a poverty line. Just imagine what trauma they would have gone through. A child studying in a good private school, now either doesnt sudy at all or studies in a small public school, fate of so many lives, has been decided in a few moments. And what does our Government does, silence.

I feel ashamed sometimes, of the shyness of our country to act on its own. When we know that 99% of the terrorism is instigated from the neighbouring country's soil, why not go and attack it, initially diplomatically and later maybe millatarily. Why dont we seek support of international community in taking to task the culprit nations which let terrorism thrive on their soil.

I feel so damm helpless and feel like screaming aloud, for the pain suffered by the victims and theur family.

lil _kath said...

I'm prayin' for the safety of all resident in Mumbai and neighboring places.

..till now i'm tryin' to contact some of my friends there and waitin' for emails from them.
Hope they're ok..

God help them!


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Girish M H said...

THIS to Much

Anagha said...

I really dont know what to answer i m speechless, so many things are going back of mind and it should reach to our Govt... but cant help it.. as usual.. for a day or two then again its same routine...

Feeling sad today that we are voting for a very poor & selfish politicians, who cares for money and not for the Nation. Do something guys India is dieing... pls save save right now...

Its very sad day that so many innocent people died.. and still criminals are not arrested.. we should appoint such a youngsters in our Policeforce and Politics we need them .... to Save India so that no more terroriest attack(s) in future..

Hope situation is in control..

People are not safe in Mumbai ...


Anonymous said...

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