Sunday, July 02, 2006

A day out

Yesterday went out with dad, mom, aunty and cousin sis. We went to Woolens Drive-in restaurant, it’s the only restaurant I can go now and eat inside the car, I was there from my childhood, every Saturday my dad take me & my brother there, esp. for playing seesaw, swings, spinning wheel and horse ride. There was a horse some times back, we used to urge dad to take us in horse, the horse will move slowly, and it was nice experience to ride in horse. Luckily this time the waiter visit our car as soon as we arrived, or else we have to wait for some time, waiters to ask us. My favorite item there is Dosai (pan cake) and Poori.

After we leave to Merina beach, we expect was to get some sea breeze, on the hot day, but we got only sultriness their. There was cute kid playing on the sand alone, was so sweet. Its long I have went inside chennai city, the traffic have been increased now. Went to my old house and chat with some friends in our uncle’s mechanic shop, our pet dog lakshmi have become fat now, and its remember me even now if I call it.


My days(Gops) said...

its always nice to meet the old house friends na? gud.

smiley said...

hi jeevan, good ur dog still remembers you. at the marina it gets a bit late before the sea breeze sets in and then it is very fresh and cool. have fun

WA said...

Woodlands, dosai, mummy :((

Seriously I remember going there as a kid, I still remember the see saws and swings, glad you had a good time

Syam said...

Woodlands dosai pongal...vaaila jollings... :-)

Keshi said...

hey Jeevan thanks so much for the bday wishes in my blog!

Hope ur keeping well.


Jeevan said...

Gops – ya, they really missing me.

Smiley – yes, but our dog became fat now. Thanks.

Angel (WA) – its enjoyable day when I was kid going and playing on that. I love playing seesaw with bro. You too have experience in Woodlands, well.

Syam – Haha… ok ok nalaiku emaila anupuran dosaiya:))

Keshi – I am good, how was the week?

Ghost Particle said...

sweet sweet memories...

Nabeel said...

awww that's nice .. a small family dinner out. I love see saw .. they are so much fun :)

Keshi said...

was great. alot of parties :) thanks!


visithra said...

ah u had fun ;)

lil _kath said...

...oh ur havin' a nice time huh? that's cool jeevan ^_^

...thanx for the message on orkut, keep scrappin' ;)

...take care!


Jeevan said...

GP – thanks bro

Nabeel – thanks, I miss these funs now:)

Keshi – hum, that nice.

Visith – yes dear

Kathy – sure, why no replay for my message?
It’s cool out Kathy:)

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