Tuesday, July 18, 2006

From my part

What to do, every one has post about the blog blocks. For my part I will tell some thing. Everyday million of people start blogs, and share their thoughts with others. Mostly the people like me who can’t move out can entertain by this blogs. But the Indian government’s action is against us. For examples the terrorist are realizing many bloody videos through sites and there are many adult links too, why can’t they block these sites. There are many things to block in our nation, first close them esp. the Tasmac (wine shop), to make the drinker family feel happy. At least we are doing this blog usefully to communicate each other in good manner. Some bloggers don’t know the other way to open blog; and just sit don’t know what to do. Jeevansworld is requesting the government to clear the block soon, because we feel hard to read our friends blog.

Use this SiteSite to read the blogs till the blog block clears


Syam said...

nice thoughts jeevan especially about tasmac :-)

Pavithra said...

I don't know what this blog block is about !! Only in India ??

WA said...

I agree with Syam (oru vidhyaasama irukattumennu innikku mattum agreeing) nice post and hopefully all this stupidity on blog blocks will stop soon. Ellarum serndhu poraaduvom. In fact Gilli.in poneenaa Badri has a post there telling people who to complain to, neeyum oru complaint email thatti vidu neram kedaikkumbodhu

Jeevan said...

Syam – Thanks, at least u people can open the blogs with our the cross links:)

Pavithra – yes, only in India. (NDTV news: The major blog sites including blogspot.com, a site meant to set up new blogs, have been jammed in the last couple of days in India. It isn't clear who has blocked these popular sites but unconfirmed reports say the Department of Telecom has issued orders to Internet service providers to block the websites. The order came from the Department of Information Technology, which handles cyber security reportedly on the advice of intelligence agencies.

Angel (WA) – hope the block will clear soon, ok will send a complain.

Keshi said...

this post helps the situation in many ways...awareness, support and voice for freedom.

good work Jeevan!

Ghost Particle said...

I support your plight. If you want and can post the plea in the 2050 site as well. We need to stand up against this kind of treatement towards innoncent bloggers.

Shravanthika said...

Different way to protest! But I really dont know if GOVT. is looking at these blogs and seeing our protests..! I read an article about this in Times of India too...
These protests should be done in such a way it reaches the right people(Govt. in this case) at the right time. If our voice is not in the right direction and not reaching the Govt. no point in speaking about it.
Lets c what best can be done.


monu said...

i felt real sad on seeing the block..me too using the pkblogs.com site

Jeevvvaaa said...

To those using PK blogs,

How ethical and patriotic are you when you access your blogs thru pkblogs(a pakistan based website) when our govt is pursuing action against that country ?

V N said...

besides pkblogs, there are any number of proxy browsers out there.

do try

for a change.

Jeevan said...

Keshi – Thanks. Today it was very difficult for me to post a blog. The govt should relax there decision.

GP – Thanks for your support bro, now their was also problem for me to sign inside the blogger.com.

Emptymind – Welcome here:) I agree with, who is going to see our blogs, except blogger. Will try to send my protest to Govt.

Monu – We should thank to this pkblogs.com

Jeevvvaaa – at least the Pak is friendly in this to help us read the blogs. Good point.

Velu – thanks for the other links:)

Ferocious Killer Kat said...

in btw, it seems the blog block is going to be lifted in 48 hrs:


Jeevan said...

Kunsjoi - hi, how are u my friend? thanks for the good news:)

Keshi said...

**How ethical and patriotic are you when you access your blogs thru pkblogs(a pakistan based website) when our govt is pursuing action against that country ?

Jeeva it's ppl like u who draw borders between countries. Stop discriminating. Using pkblogs is not a crime, it's blogging for godssakes!


Ferocious Killer Kat said...

jeevan, I am doing pretty good.. thanks for asking! How have you been doing offlate?

lil _kath said...

... oops quite late here :( but glad to know that the banned was lifted now...
...Blogspot is back ^_^ cooool!


Jeevan said...

kathy who told u the ban have been lifted, the ban is continueing. our prime minister have urged his ministry to life the ban, but the department dint open his mouth. let hope the ban will remove.

ashok said...

well.... Next time someone says India is a free country iam going to punch his nose