Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Green peace caution on Indian Ocean

Green peace is an organization, which was activating Amsterdam as its headquarters in Holland. This organization is struggling to secure the sea living animals and plants. For this, the team was touring all over the world to create awareness.

As one of its part, the green peace’s My Esperanza (A ship) organization starts his tour form Mediterranean region, last month and arrived chennai 2days back. This ship has been halt in the Chennai harbor, to highlight the fragile beauty and vulnerability of India's coastal and marine ecosystems. This is the Esperanza's maiden voyage to India, although the country has played host to the Rainbow Warrior and the Arctic Sunrise, part of the Greenpeace fleet, on three prior occasions. The Esperanza was welcomed with our traditional music (mela dhalam) and flower necklace (poo malai). The message form the team was the Indian Ocean’s resources have some unknown wonders inside it. This organization has rinse and researched, how many plants and how many different lives are living under the sea in the many sea places, in this world. But in Indian Ocean there are lots of wonders have been hide. When compare to other oceans, Indian Ocean is very deep. But in some secured seas, the environments have spots.

In the name of developing tour, in many places the sea resources have been polluting. In the name of improve the economics; the works, which are conduction on the sea, will affect the Nature resources. They warned us, by the Seathusamuthram project, many will get employment opportunity, but, how the other parts of this world were affected by the activities like this, the same situation will also happen here. By digging the sea many coral rocks and rare plant will be destroyed, its an action opposite nature. The green peace organization have been collected the information from there research, in that they have come to know the miscellaneous affect have happen, in the gulf of mannar, sea horse have been hunting. In Orrisa, sea cows have been hunting. In some places more quantity of fishes are catching, many places sewage are mixing in the sea.

To stop these activities of creating pollute and to save the sea livings and plants resources, the Indian government should launch a law to secure our sea wonders. This ship was expect to sail towards Singapore, Philippines to propaganda of the sea secure.

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aruna said...

We cant stop land pollution to help humans. Lets see how far we can help the sea living.

priya said...

Pollution is caused by humans who forget the importance of natural resources and to keep it clean for the coming generations.

starry nights said...

I am glad someone is worrying about the water that is being polluted.

Keshi said...

some genuine efforts there...great work!


Dinma said...

That was nice of them but I can't imagine myself in a ship. I'm scared!

Ghost Particle said...

good to know you are still posting bro! And its a good post, timely to remind that the earth is in serious need of support. I have always admired green peace...theyre work to enlighten us of issues of the world.

Arjuna_Speaks said...

jeevan - so can u read the blogs now?

V N said...


u shud see the kind of dirt that has been piling up along the coast of one of the most beautiful beaches in India, at Kovalam. clean-the-shore programmes are put up every now and then amidst much fanfare, but i dont think any suggestion that cud provide a probable permanent solution to the mess has been devised as yet.

discussions are going on. meanwhile the beach is fast turning out to be a junkyard.

Syam said...

jeevaa kalakariyeppa... :-)

Jeevan said...

Aruna - In this world, when saving our life is a problem, how we are going to help the sea. Let’s see:)

Priya – we are the first enemy for the nature.

Starry – every one worries about the water, which is the biggest resource in this world

Keshi - :)

Dinma – I love to be in ship and travel the world

GP – But it take long time to update a post. Nice to know about the green peace service:)

Arjuna – Yes dear:)

Velu – But our Chennai corporation have put a special care to keep the Marina beach, which is the 2nd longest beach in this world, even though the public is not cooperating properly, they put the waste and plastic in the beach. The public have very low awarness about keeping a clean country.

Syam – Thank you:)

Pavithra said...

An excellent post !!It's disheartening that the wonders of nature are so easily destroyed by man !!

I remember the Marina beach 20 years ago. Today I just wonder why do people take things for granted. You are talking about sea animals .. just take a look at people living along river/lake sides. Water is the greatest miracle of nature but that is polluted to the maximum extent and noone cares. Just in 20 years if things could be so worse I can't imagine what kind of a world the next generation would see !!

lil _kath said...

... Hats Off!! to GREEN PEACE.. they're doin' great help for our environment!

...i know that the official writer of Organizations Blog is a Filipina, im proud of her ^_^ hope she's still there!

..enjoy weekend Jeevan!


Jeevan said...

Pavi – this shows how careless we are about our world. Now days the lakes and water resources are turning into concrete, we should stop this. Thanks you.

Kathy – Really they are doing a proud work to save the Green World. Have a happy Weekend dear:)