Wednesday, July 05, 2006

My heart full wishes

My Friend Prasanna (from coimbathore), is getting marriage tomorrow (6th July), with Amirthavalli. Prasanna was the first blogger I talked, through phone. He requested me to attend his marriage, but I cant. So here is my wish for him, I know you will not mistake me dear. Please wish them here.

Dedicateing this poem for him.

Marriage is the closest kind of friendship.
Years of traffic wear away the lines
Between two souls with similar designs,
Ending more in unity than kinship.
Separate actors must play separate parts:
They must alone be riveted by need.
Far beneath that soil a single seed
Roots itself, tenacious in their hearts.
In love there is a trust beyond the word.
Each finds peace in each, as though the light
Needed the tranquility of night,
Deeper than what silence can be heard.

- from


Vinesh said...

That is a very nice poem for your friend buddy Jeevan! :-)

Keshi said...

Happy Wedding Prasanna!

I tried going to his site Jeevan but he's got a 'Stack Overflow' error :) and I cant click anywhere on his page.


visithra said...

Happy Married life prasanna

V N said...

Nice to see that u care enuf to do soemthing like this, Jeev! :)

And Prasanna, Hv a blissful life with ur wife! :)

lil _kath said...

..Oh it's like love is everywhere ^_^ many of the bloggers are marrying, celebrating anniversaries etc..etc..that's cool!

..Happy Wedding Prasanna, and goodluck to ur married life!
Wishing you all the best!


smiley said...

nalla vazthukal, happy married life prasanna & co:)

Ghost Particle said...

nice to know that you are close to your friends. Always makes it extra special.

V N said...


Guess what?
I have tagged u!

starry nights said...

My best wishes to your friend also. Beautiful poem.

priya said...

//They must alone be riveted by need//

Very true!!!

Best wishes to them....

WA said...

Jeevan ekka chekkamaa friends kootam sethu vechirukke nee :)

Wish Prasanna a very happy married life

Truly Yours said...

cool jeevan. My wishes to prasnna too

News from Prasanna said...

Thanks Jeevan. Nice Poem. Thanks people for the wishes. Jeev, will call you sometime.