Sunday, July 23, 2006

Prince saved

The two-day tension of the whole nation has got relief last night, when the Army rescued a 5-year-old Prince form a 60-feet pit. The boy prince was playing with his neighbor friends near his house (a village) in Haryana. Some days back some irresponsible people have dig a bore well, and forget to close the pit, so in this situation, the prince fell into the pit. His friend run into the village and said this to his parents, and the village people try to save him out of the pit, but their attempt failed, so the called the army. The army tried very hard to save the child my creating a well near the pit. They send oxygen and food like biscuits, chocolate to for him and using a CCTV system till they save him monitored. In between the rain was disturbing the rescue, and they brought modern machines form mumbai and rescue them at 7.00pm IST.

The whole nation prayed for him including Prime Minister, our prayers dint fail. Every one in the village has thanked the Army for their hard work to rescue the Prince. Prince looked dazed but did not appear to be in any pain, really we have appreciate his brave mind, to live alone in the pit for 2days. His parents was swimming in the happy flood when they saw their son rescue form the pit, I feel how the mind of the parents should be for the last 2days. The Chief Minister of Haryana has announced 2 lakh for his future as a gift. At least hereafter the people who dug pit, should carefully close after their work finish. Thanks dear soldiers for your kind helps.


Ekta said...

U know what the sad art is...even after all this the pit will be left open!
In fact the army should have instructued the villagers to close the pit before leaving so that it would ensure that the incident doesnt happen again!

karthik said...

Reminds me of a malayalam film where a kid falls into a pit. The same rescue mechanism would be followed to rescue the kid..

I read somewhere that yesterday was the kid's birthday..

Ghost Particle said...

unbelievable story...what courage and spirit!

God bless the boy and the rescuers!

Vinesh said...

Indeed a brave boy!!

priya said...

Good that he is well and safe.

starry nights said...

I am glad the boy was rescued and is safe.

Keshi said...

I read abt it...amazing story of survival! Im so glad he's ok.


My days(Gops) said...

wow.......gud work by the Armies..

Jeevan said...

Ekta – hope they should have closed the pit

Karthik – it was his 6th birthday on Sunday, I too have see that movie, I think the hero was Jayaram in that.

GP – the boy’s strong mind make the incident little easy

Vinesh –right

Priya – He was safe with little wound in his hand

Starry – good news for his family

Keshi - :)

Gops – it’s a proud work by our army

Barbienan said...

@yeah i saw teh news and was happy and cant beleive in this heat, the efforts and the strength of the boy to survive

lil _kath said...

..i saw the news on tv about this boy...gosh! hes so lucky to survived that long hours in deep pit.Thank God!


Jeevan said...

Barbienan - He should have hope that nothing will happen to him, because we are here.

Kathy - God (in human shape) saved the boy.