Thursday, July 20, 2006

Rain and Mom

Dark clouds surrounds my house today evening

It was like a normal day with the hot sun at 38 degree C
By the time of kids arriving their home form the school
The sun hides behind the black clouds,
The raindrop was touching the earth in silent mode
When the mud smell reaches my nose, the rain started heavily
Mom was in a sleep, put me as a security,
If rain comes give a sound, rain is coming
But mom wake up before the word comes form my mouth
Gave a shout at me, and went to pick the clothes,
Which are hanging on the back of our house
Before she pick it have wet half.
One side happy about the surprise rain,
Another side, sad to see mom, worries about the clothes


starry nights said...

Nice poem about Mom& rain. I remember my mother telling us to get the clothes in before the rain.

WA said...


Konja nerathula thiruppi kaanjurum, it should be okay

Ferocious Killer Kat said...

very nice jeevan!!! :-)

Keshi said...

lolz yeah even my mum worries abt the clothes when the sky looks gloomy..


lil _kath said...

... enjoy rain Jeevan ^_^ look at the window while ur listening to some tamil songs like my fave song....Raja Raja Chozhan ^_^

... enjoy weekend!


monu said...

but am sure ur mom would be happy about the rain in the sense that our water probs may be reduced a bit

suggestion, kayira veetula katta vendiaydhu thaan, thuni onatha..
thats what we do in our place, else get a clothes stand that can be folded when not in use...


me too got stuck in traffic yesterday in rain....

Jeevan said...

Starry – Thanks, its happen in every house:)

Angel (WA) – Evening (in rain time) Sun varathula, fan kathula thaana kaayanum, it will take time no.

Kunsjoi – Thanks friend

Keshi – all mum’s worries:)

Kathy – enjoyed, yes, I was hearing songs form Emsai Arasam, and forget to watch out. Listening form Raja Raja Chozhan, great great.

Monu – yes she like the rain. We have a public rope in our flat, and also the sky was shining, so mom put it their. Should buy a stand, thanks for the suggestion monu. My dad was also late to come form office, because of this rain.

monu said...

hey jeevan check out my rain poem inspired by urs

Ghost Particle said...

oh man..superb original!!!

Arjuna_Speaks said...

super poem brother :)..very nice :)

Jeevan said...

Monu - its very true poem:)

GP - Thanks dear:)

Arjuna - THanks na:)