Friday, September 15, 2006

Beware of Frightening

Our Prime Minister Manmohan Singh warned us recently that the Frightening of terror and anti-social are coming near. With in days our Prime Minister warned, that in the favour of foreign strength, some terrorist groups had planed to create big destruction, the sabotage has released its odour. A bomb went off in three places including a mosque in Malegaon, Maharashtra on Sept 8th, in this nearly 38 people were killed and over 100 injured had created a big shock.

The recent seize of 800 rocket shells, dozens of launchers and other arms in a truck in Mahabubnagar district of Andhra Pradesh has created a doubt on the nature of our security. From these rockets we can attack a particular place form a distance of 100 kms.

The special team of the Q Branch police which investigating this sounds these being sent through a truck to the Maoist guerrillas in Andhra Pradesh. Even a doubt have been raised by central intelligence section that these arms are presented to Freedom Tigers in Sri Lanka, but it was denied by the DGP of Andhra Pradesh.

Those Rocket launchers are manufactured in the chennai as hut business and distributed is another shocking news. The Q Branch police have made the investigation quickly. Because of this the police have arrested 14 persons in the industrial areas of Ambattur in chennai. The police claimed that Raghu who runs an Ambattur unit is deemed to be the main accused in this matter.

Now lots of questions have risen how many year’s these dangerous technical arms are manufacturing here? Where ever it was distributed? Who ever where involved in this conspiracy?…………. Not only the actions of Central and state government’s, even the public should be aware about this. The frightening will not only destroy the life and buildings even the hope on tomorrow’s humans. This is the biggest threatening of danger.


Kavi said...

Jeevan, no place on earth is safe ! Thank God, this was found. Imagine the havoc that this could have wrecked !

indianangel said...

idhu enga poi mudiya pogudho! only god should save us

V N said...


Jo said...

Really horrible!

bindhu said...

I dont know what the government was doing all long. And I dont want to believe stories that would say that Pakistanis came all the way from Pakistan to AP and did it.

Hope this is the last blast.

Balaji S Rajan said...

Yes Jeevan. This is the biggest threat we need to face. It is more scary when you need to fly during such time.

mysorean said...

Sad, but that's the today's world!