Thursday, September 07, 2006

A fun day and launch of MDAI website in Mayajaal

Game show by children

It was a fun day for me and 70 other children yesterday, who are suffering form the Muscular Dystrophy. The Muscular Dystrophy Association India and Sundaram Medical Foundation arranged a fun outing for the parents, children of MD and the launch of website of MDAI in Mayajaal Complex.

Actual it was a fun trip; every one was announced to assemble at Sundaram Medical Foundation yesterday above, but for us, the place they announced to assemble is very distance form my place, so we directly went to Mayajaal in ECR. Me, dad, mom and our cousin went before they arrive and waited for few minutes, as soon as they arrive the volunteer provide me Wheel Chare to go inside the Mayajaal. There was a lunch party in the center of the hall, with other MD children & parents. It’s the first time I visit the Mayajaal. After the lunch, the parents were announced to leave the children in the hall and attend the doctor’s parent meeting. Form 2, to 4.30pm there were full of fun for us, they conduct some jolly contest for us, many children are very young, shouting and enjoyed the activities. We also enjoy the mimicry program, and some children were playing videogames and car ride. To encourage us they gave prize and gift for our activities. The interesting thing was they tie gas balloons on every kids wrist, they were running here and there with the balloon, which flying up, many kids left the balloon and all went and stick on the roof, again they get a balloon and left it on the roof.
This is Jagan a MD child
Some volunteers and school children also join with us in the fun, they were very friendly and helpful, they helped every child to move and carry them. There was a boy Nandhakumar was very quite sitting behind me and mumble something, when I see him, he will smile cutely. We all forget our disease and suffer, while playing and enjoy the afternoon. I am lucky to see such cute kids playing and talking on the mike, with out worrying about them and enjoying the movement. By the launch of MDAI website starts. Before the launch, there was a short motion picture of Muscular Dystrophy, shown, and our Dr.V.Vishwanathan explained about the importance of the website, their future plans, the arrangement of the function and introduced all the chief Guests. After minutes Mr.V.Narayanan, director, Chennai Willington Corporation Foundation and other guest like Former Cricket player Srikkanth, ONGC excitive director Dr.C.S.Jain, launched the MDAI Website.
Group song by children

There was also a group song by school children and MD children; their voice was very nice. The lady (I guess she was a doctor) who integrated the program was very sweet, friendly and takes care of every child with love. In the end they gave free wheel chares for children and speech of the Chief Guests. In India this is the first website created for Muscular Dystrophy and its purpose is to create awareness and make it easy for everyone to know about MD. These programs should be welcome; too aware the public, there are so many people with MD. As there were no medicines currently for this MD (hope they will find soon), the support of public will be a big strength for our minds. Please visit our website to know about our disease.The fun day news also came in Hindu


WA said...

Nice report Jeevan. Do post more pictures if possible.

mysorean said...

Very nice recount of the event! And checked out the website too. Very well done! Both the article and the website!
Keep it up Jeevan! :)

வேதா said...

hi u know i actually read the news today in hindu and i got reminded of you immedietly, its so nice that u enjoyed the event and so nice of u to put it here to create awareness:) god bless u:)

monu said...

i read that news. great that u participated in it.
you better now? took pills for cold?
take care and have loads of fun!

starry nights said...

Thanks for sharing the story and the pictures jeevan. nice to see the kids having a good time.

aruna said...

Glad to see that there is a MD website and organisation. Lets hope this creates enough public awareness!

Syam said...

nice get together jeevan...hope you had a good time :-)

White Forest said...

kids - so cute!

Keshi said...

hey isnt that a cool event! tnxxx for the pics. Seems like u had loads of fun Jeevan.


lil _kath said...

wow! thats coool Jeevan ^_^ as u said yesterday , seems u really had fun trip there w/ the children! good on ya...

... hey we had a nice chat yesterday ^_^ thanxxxxx! its nice to talked to u dear, we'll do it again ok? its just happened that i dun have enough time yesterday coz i have to prepare dinner na hehe! and i think i disturbed u even while ur working on something ^_^ sorry!;(

... hope ur cold is over now!
take care...

... will visit the website, thanx for the link!


tulipspeaks said...

its a cool effort :)


smiley said...

hi i saw the news on the hindu and was wondering whether you would be going. good u had fun :)

Kavi said...

When you post such articles, you naturally draw attention to the cause ! Adn with such a 'high-traffic' space as yours, am sure many more people would have gotten an attention and awareness of MD ! Keep of the good work !

kunsjoi said...

hey jeevan.. sounds fun.. nice pics too

visithra said...

looks like u had fun ;) yeah do post more photos if possible

Jeevan said...

Angel (WA) – Thanks, will try.

Adi – Thank your:)

Veda – I am glad to know u remain me by seeing the news. Thank you dear:)

Monu – THanks, I am better now, taking medicine. Happy fun:)

Starry – every one was enjoying the day.

Aruna – thanks, sure it will create, this function which held in a public place was also an awarness, that people can see there are more special people.

Syam – Thanks Friend:)

Jeevan said...

White – Welcome here:) Thank u

Keshi – ya I had, Thank you:)

Kathy – thank you dear:) it was enjoyable day. I feel happy to chat with u, you haven’s disturbed me in any way, no need sorry ok. I am fine now, cold is better. Happy Weekend Kathy:)

Amutha – Thank u.

Smiley – first I dint feel to go, but my mind changed that it’s the fun for us. so I went and had a good time with children. Thanks friend:)

Kavi – Thank u so much. Me hope.

Kunsjoi – Thanks dear friend:)

Visith – will try dear, my cousin dint took photo’s properly many are very dark. We had lots of fun.

Jo said...

Glad to know you had great fun Jeevan. Your latest post is so interesting.

dumbdodi said...

I am so glad that something like this is being done and I am so happy that you had so much fun. Lots of love to you my dear friend

KK said...

Hey! nice to know about the celebration. Seems like you had a great time. Glad to hear that :)

Jeevan said...

Jo – Thanks dear friend:)

Dumbdodi - :) Thank you, I am very happy to participate in that fun day.

KK – Thanks friend, it’s a sweet celebration :)

Kumar S said...


It was great to read your account of the event. I was involved in developing the MDAI website and I felt that your account should be reflected on the website as well. So I have placed a link to your blog account with a brief synopsis right on the home page. I hope you don't mind


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