Friday, September 01, 2006

Intersting is it?

Fishes inside an Egg
Biologists at the University of Manchester want help in cracking their miracle discovery of three fish inside a sealed egg. The group found the duck egg in a small pond on a field trip to the French Alps and noticed something moving inside it. When they cracked open the shell, three live minnows were inside. They have enlisted the help of other experts, but despite their extensive combined knowledge, the biologists admit they are baffled. m

School of 71 languages
A Secondary school has pupils that speak in a mind-boggling 71 different languages. Southfield’s Community College in Wandsworth, South London, takes kids who have fled war zones around the world and speak no English. Some have never been to school before. But incredibly the college believed to be the most cosmopolitan in Europe has only three translators. It has 1,300 UK and foreign pupils aged 11-18 and 550 of these arrived in Britain speaking no English. So their first lesson was a crash course in our mother tongue. The pupils are then slowly introduced into mainstream classes, supported by the school’s ethnic minority achievement unit. These children have a burning desire to learn. Despite the language barrier the school’s exam results are improving.

Seitz 6x17 Digital
This is New 160 million pixels Camera (click here for more info and Photos)

Worst Highway have posted pictures of a very muddy highway that connects Moscow and Yakutsk. The images were taken over a few days and show around 600 cars that got stuck in the mud. It seems that not much is known about the road. Comments on both Digg and English Russia say that it's a winter road, and not a winter road, completed, and not completed, and of course, you've got people shouting photoshopped. More Photos of the worst road here

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