Monday, September 18, 2006

My Answers

Was Tagged my Lalitha

1. Which is the single best post you have read on any blog, post the link?

There are much single post, every one are best in different kind, so choosing one is very difficult.

2. Which is the best post you have written and which is the worst. Explain why?

Many can’t remember, so will chose form my recent post. A Fun Day in Mayajaal: because it’s a big post I wrote it very fast and I was in a happy mood that time. The Worst post is 9/11&after, because I have wrote about the worst terrorist strikes incidents.

3. How about a place you have never been to, but would very much like to see?

I said already in my Picture Tag.

4. If you were a member of the opposite sex, what would you do differently?

Will create awareness that Sex Education is very important for everyone esp. for the children (above 13) and teens. If every one knows about sex, the life kill dieses AIDS will be reducing and it help for a healthy sexual relation ship.

5. Do you remember a recurrent childhood dream or nightmare, tell us about it?

I was dreaming something in my classroom when I was in 5th standard, I can’t guess what dream it was. I wish what ever I am now should be a dream, and I should wake up and see that I am still in 5th standard;)))

6. Make me laugh or make me cry, put your words to use?

Think it was time when I not even join in school. I took my uncles school bag and hang in my shoulder and collect some butter biscuits form my grandpa’s tea shop and told every one tata bye I am going to school and gone to the end of the street. My mom used to tell this incident to me that much people in the street laugh at my innocent.

7. Do you regret unfulfilled dreams, the inaccessible roads and the
uncharted lands?

As I found a Quito in my recent tag, that you hope those dreams will never come true, go and sleep. Yes I regret for some unfulfilled dreams.

8. What is a friend to you and what are you to a friend?

The person who knows us better than others, we can share anything with them, and hope they are the best advisers in our personal life. Friend’s support is the biggest strength for us when we are in dilemma and fear. I like to follow my dad and uncle's way for a good friend, they are the first persons to stand on their friends, good and bad situations. I have friends only for last 1 year, before that my life was like empty. Some can see these blog friends as a friends who reads their blogs, share with letters, but they have personal friend, who share with them form childhood, schooldays, collage days, working days. For me I have no personal friends, to meet, go out, talk Frequent. I used to carve if some of my bro friends, call him, visit my house or go out with them. I too had friend in school and childhood, but for some years, after that I lost the touch with them. Think, if we dint found the Internet, sure I won’t even get this blog friends. Why am I writing this? Just thought, nothing other than. I don’t tell the blog friends are not true. I love them, I am very happy at least I have friends here. I am very very sorry if I hurt you all.

9.T.S.Elliot measured his life with coffee spoons, how about you?

I measure my life with happiness. I can understand, my life is little, with lots of wishes and dreams. I feel better at least I can do some thing to satisfy me, but sad I can’t help anyone, you cant expect anything from me, except Love and Smile. Life can be short, but it should be sweet.

10.Write your own Epitaph, or if it is too hard, how would you like
your Epitaph to read?

I thank each and every one who suffers form stress, pain and uncomfortable situation that I gave u. Sorry if I dint understand and hurt your kind hearts. If I get another chance to visit the Earth, I love to be a servant for those who helped me.

I Tag my Friends


Keshi said...

hehe cute tag Jeevan and ur sooo kind.


aruna said...

Thats true that blog friends are not your personal friends. Even I would be happy if you find a friend, whom you can go out with. My best wishes !

KK said...

Nice tag Jeevan...

Vinesh said...

some beautiful answers jeevan..
you are someone who sips the meaning in life..

priya said...

Thaz was so sweet. The social awareness is awesome.

வேதா said...

superb tag jeev, kind of u to remember ur friends. will do that tag certainly:)

mysorean said...

You haven't hurt any of us for sure. We are indeed happy that you consider us as your friends! Thanks! And that's a very well-done tag!

Gaurav Jain said...

Hey Jeevan... loved it, specially your take for what a true friend is!

By the way, you've been tagged!!

kunsjoi said...

nice answers jeevan.. will certainly do the tag.

Pavithra said...

Nice answers..Sex awareness tops the list !!

indianangel said...

Ah nanba! nalla tag! erkanave pria'oda tag vera baaki irukku adha mudichutu unga tag'ayum pannaren, illana avanaga enna adi pichuruvaanga! :)
//If I get another chance to visit the Earth, I love to be a servant for those who helped me.

Touch paniteenga ponga! ungaloda nalla manasukku ellam nallabadiya amaiya vaazthukkal!

V N said...

U have done this tag wonderfully well, Jeeev!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jeevan said...

Keshi – Thanks Friend

Aruna – Thank you dear:) let your wishes come true.

KK – Thanks:)

Vinesh - :)

Priya – Thank u priya

Veda – Nandri, can’t forget the school friends.

Adi – Thanks, glad I dint hurt any one. We forget the worry in your smiley pic:)

Gaurav – Thank you friend. Sorry dear I can’t take your tag, because I already did this tag :) visit here
, I am looking for another tag from u, coming days.

Kunsjoi – Thanks friend.

Pavithra – Ho ic. Thank u.

Indianangel – paravaillai, take your time. Ungaludaiya vaazthukkaluku romba naandri naanba :)

Velu – Thank u friend:)

dumbdodi said...

hello jeevan, my friend, I missed you, I have been so busy, but now I am back

Jeevan, this is the single most beautiful tag I have read and you have written it so well. I also checked out your picture tag and my heart is so emotional with your small but sweet wishes. I really wish you all the happiness in this world. You are very special my friend

Jeevan said...

Dumbdodi – Thanks u so much dear. Me too miss u here for short days. Have a nice weekend Friend:)

harry said...

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visithra said...

very interesting