Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Second can be 3

It was unexpected
It least for only 3 seconds
That told million words
It gave strength to mind
Can I take it as love or
It’s just a sin on me .

What ever it can be,
I realize it was form her deep heart
Seconds can be 3, but it was wordless happiness
Eyes rolled on search
Couldn’t remember her face,
Except her Smile.

It’s a fun day for others,
It’s a beautiful day for me
Those disturbed lips
Feel me so happy
It will be my pleasure
if I live in her smile.

A flash on my face
My eyes winked
Same lips which smiled
My sight on the lips, craving for a smile
She was a beauty in white salwar
As my face in her camera
Me with the expected smile
She left the place, before I wonder.

If its time for end my life
Like to close my eyes before her smile
Her smile was powerful
Which was a soothing for my soul
Pain gone in the love,
which I realize in her Smile.


Srikanth said...

kalakal, ivlo feel panartha paarthaa seekiram maatipeenga pola iruke..


tulipspeaks said...

:) yaare ippo smile pannathe?
konjem solunge parpom.


indianangel said...

thala yaaru adhu! nalla mattikineengala kavidhai kavidhai :)

starry nights said...

Beautiful poem Jeevan.straight from your heart.

aruna said...

MDA nadathina function-la edutha pictures-la white salwar engannu ippo thedanum..

Gaurav Jain said...

lovely smile! :)

Kavi said...


Shuba said...


KK said...

Jeevan nice poem!! but who is the lucky girl??? :)

Keshi said...

how sweeeeeeeeeet! Im so glad her smile took away ur pain who is this lady?


WA said...

Wow, very nice

kunsjoi said...

wowwww... now we see the poet jeevan.. good work :-)

kathy said...

aww u made me smile too ^_^ reading this! oops who is she by the way? ^_^

... keep smilin' Jeevan :)

Aatma said...

thalaiva neeyum matne ... inne jeevan yaar andhe ponnu

Jeevan said...

Srikanth – Welcome here:) u have a wonder blog. ;)) adda nengavara:)

Amutha – avanga yaarnu enakka thariyathu. Just I saw her only some seconds.

Indianangel – tharinja solla mattean. I was inpreased b her smile.

Starrty – Thank you:)

Aruna – pictureku naan kega povean! Correcta kandupudichi thenga:)

Gaurav – Thanks:)

Kavi - :)

Jeevan said...

Shuba – apadiya Thank u.

KK – I am luck to sight her smile:) Thanks Friend.

Keshi - :) I don’t know, I saw her in the MDA function; I think she should be a volunteer or student.

Angel (WA) – Haaa Thanks:)

Kunsjoi – I am glad u like this post dear. me poet? Thanks so much:)

Kathy – Is it:) who knows, but she was lovely;)) sure will keep on smiling dear.

Aatma – neeyum na?…. Yaarna thariyala annean, aana romba alaga sirichanga:)

V N said...

A BIG smile for u, on this post!

Pavithra said...

Hmm.. oru cm smile ungalukulla iruntha kavinyarai veliya kondu vanthuduchu !!

prachi said...

smile an everlating smile...
a smile can bring a cheer to me...

right na!!!

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visithra said...

ahha yaaru

Aravind said...

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