Saturday, September 09, 2006

Some interesting around

It looks like an experiment gone wrong but the Dickey owner of a four-legged chicken denies fowl play. Dickey, found the four-legged wonder legging it around an incubator at his home. It was the first time he'd seen one hatch with four legs. He looks really robust and strong, he's good, and he’s just cruising along. The chick uses its bottom two legs to walk on. Other four-legged chickens had been reported in Romania and Saudi Arabia. In Dickey's chick case, stem cells in the egg had divided into four instead of two, meaning an extra pair of legs. Dickey has kept the chicken as a pet and are considering naming it Jack-peg-a-leg.

Now here’s a really old banger. This 3,000-year-old chariot was found in China with the skeletons of horses that pulled it. Experts believe the incredible remains come from the ancient Eastern Zhou dynasty in 770 BC. The chariot is thought to have belonged to a Chinese emperor whose horses were sacrificed after he died. It is one of 397 tombs discovered at Luoyang China’s first capital in central Henan province. Seventeen of them contained well-preserved chariots and horses, all laid out in a long line. The graves have gone on display to the public in a new underground museum.

Don’t fear, it’s just a snake. This barely recognizable snake bit off more than it could chew when it snacked a pregnant ewe. The six-meter python weighing 90 kg was too laden to move, making it far easier for firemen to capture it in a Malaysian village.

Two amateur California naturalists have found what they report is the world's tallest living thing. It's a redwood in Redwood National Park on the Northern California coast. The redwood tree, named Hyperion, stands 378.1 feet tall, 8 feet taller than the previous record holder, another coast redwood. The San Francisco Gate reported that the group has found about 135 redwoods that reach higher than 350 feet. The Hyperion was the tallest, followed by Helios, which stands at 376.3 feet, and Icarus, which stands at 371.2 feet, according to the paper. Researchers plan to climb the giant Hyperion in the coming weeks.

Cherry trees that's almost completely encased in ice.


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