Monday, October 23, 2006

Diwali went nice

My favorite festival of Lights Diwali was not bad, I enjoy as much. I have been to my old house a day before Diwali, had exchanged diwali wishes with my uncle’s workshop friends and call my cousin for Diwali. Next we went to the Besant nagar Beach to watch sky amuse of Firecrackers, but rarely saw some. On Saturday wake up not early only after 7.30 and get ready by 8.30 to watch special programs on TV. I was excite to watch the new songs, which I hear in recent days. The Trisha’s interview with models was cool. Think already most of the young people have cut a line in there whiskers like Simbu in the Vallavan, let we can see the increase of this style in young soon like my brother!
It was continue till Vijay’s interview with children, by eating specials food and my favorite Gulabjamun with by cousin. We left out by 6.30pm to burst crackers. There were non-to join with us to burst crackers, every one enjoys on their own, some when to their terrace and some left to their homeland. So cousin, dad &mom where with me, we left Walas, Outs and little sound crackers. Cousin was disappointed there were no explosions to make the place much paper. There were been continue colorful sky fireworks coming form the near multistoried buildings and bungalows. I don’t like to sit inside the house and watch TV when the city was lighting by the crackers, so went to Beach at and watching the sky till 10 the govt’s time for bursting crackers. The beach was less crowd think people who cant buy the costly sky fireworks, where their to enjoy it.

Like how I feel happy on diwali, on Sunday I feel alone and very bored not even interest to see Computer or TV. I won’t like to be alone on Sundays, if there was bore film I visit the chat on net, but this Sunday non-was on line and the film was also bore. So again asked dad to take me out, where to go? the same beach, but Sunday the beach was much crowded. I had a doubt is that a beach or an exhibition because many people where coming in mini bus and autos, there were many small small food shops has grown on the shore. Been there for some time and left home and slept early.



Queen said...

Nowadays, festivals dont excite us much i guess except for the fact that we get a few days off from our tiresome work schedule.

Anonymous said...

Good to know you have a nice time during Diwali. Those pictures were awesome Jeevan :)

Keshi said...

Great to hear that Jeevan. And nice bright pics!


Anonymous said...

lucky you my friend
I cant remember the last time we had pattasu...happy for you :)

Ghost Particle said...

nice to hear your description bro. Happy to know you had a great deepavali. Firecrackers are great arent they? its banned here but we still played!

visithra said...

Happy Deepavali (am not saying belated ;p)

oohh u had fun - heck there was so much fireworks in my area - when one guy starts the other answers back - so total fun

Jeevan said...

Queen – That’s true know! How was ur diwali?

KK – Thanks Friend

Keshi – Thank u:)

Thuya – Thanks, did u burst crackers yearsss back to forget? Take care:)

GP – Thanks so much brother:) sure they are great and look beautiful when it burst on the sky. Hope u too had a wonderful time with ur family & friend.

Visith – Even in my area also! Glad u enjoy by watching fireworks :)

Anonymous said...

Well...since we never lived in my motherland, i miss all No pattasu..if we put, heavy fine...who wants to pay money like that :)