Sunday, October 01, 2006

Father of Nation turns 137

My painting on Gandhi which i posted last year

The term Father of the Nation is used in many countries to describe a political or symbolic leader seen as a founding father of the nation. He may also be key figure in the nation's history whose heroism and moral authority make him a source of patriotic inspiration and worthy of respect. His image is often elevated to that of a national symbol and is likely to be featured on items such as banknotes and stamps.

India's Father of the Nation is Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi born on October 2, 1869, into an average family, in an obscure town near Bombay, India. He was the sixth and youngest child of the family. At the age of 13 he was married to Kasturbai, who was the same age. His father who served as a Diwan, died when Gandhiji was in high school. He was the first person in his family to complete a high school education. By the advice form family member, he arrived London and completed his law course and London Matriculation Examination. After returning to India in 1891, he received an offer to assist a senior lawyer in South Africa for a year, which he accepted and left India in 1893. While Gandhi traveling from Durban to Johannesburg (South Africa) in 1st Class, Gandhij was thrown out of the train when he refused to move to 3rd class. This incident compelled him not only to think of fellow black people and also the voice of oppressed Indians. At 35, Gandhij conceived a new weapon called Satyagraha, which became the voice of millions who saw in him the fulfillment of their dream for an independent nation.

Is there a title "Mother of the Nation"? Yes, but unlike its male equivalent it has seen only occasional use, primarily due to the male dominated history of nation building. However, there are a few examples: England - Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother; Finland - Tarja Halonen; New Zealand - Judy Bailey; Guyana - Janet Jagan ; Zimbabwe - Sally Mugabe ; Wales -.Katheryn of Berian; Pakis tan - Fatima Jinnah; South Africa - Winnie Mandela.


dumbdodi said...

Wishes on Gandhi Jayanti....I tried to pay some homage to him on my blog too....I read quite interesting things about him on wikepedia....
We are lucky to have him as 'Father of our nation'

starry nights said...

He indeed is the father of our nation. A fitting tribute. You really have drawn this picture really well.

Sandai-Kozhi said...

Happy Gandhi Jeyanthy!Jeevan.--SKM

Arjuna_Speaks said...

Very good painting brother :)

Balaji S Rajan said...


What attracted me was the information about mother of nation. It is quite informative. Well done. Did you happen to see Munnabhai 2. If you get chance watch it. It is really funny, but atleast Gandhiji is remembered.

Balaji S Rajan said...


I read Aravindh's blog. It is quite interesting. I am glad that you have encouraged him. Also looks like you enjoyed your cousin. Keep it going.

Ghost Particle said...

that is an amazing drawing. I still remember it from last year.

May his legacy last forever.

Nice writeup.

Mother of Nation is every mother in the world. Theyre gave birth and brought up the legends.

Pavithra said...

Nice post !! Interesting information on mother of nation !!

Prashant said...

As per my knowledge ,Mother of Nation should be "Mother Teresa"..

wat u think???/

Anonymous said...

nice post...mother of nation...supernga...quite informative....

V N said...

Fine post, Jeevan, and that pic is sweet as well. I hadnt come across ur blog this time last year, I am glad that u ahve reposted it!!


indianangel said...

very good post jeevan! the picture is very nice! nalla seyidhiya share pannadhukku mikka nandriba!

Anonymous said...

Wow! ur painting is coool yaar!!

... and yeah, i admired Gandhi too and the first India film i watched was his story, after that i read few books about him.

How sweet of u to mention some of worlds "Mother of the Nation"!!

take care and have a great week ahead!


Jeevan said...

Dumbdodi – Thanks, I also checked the Wikepedia about Gandhi. Ur right friend.

Starry – Thank you:)

Sandai-kozhi – Thanks.

Arjuna – Thank u:), u has already checked last year and commented:)

Balaji – Thanks, Sure will what it soon:) Thank you friend for checking my bro’s blog.

GP – wow, happy that u still remember this drawing. I agree with you friend:)

Pavi – Thank u.

Prashant – your are right:) Welcome here.

Golmaalgopal – Welcome here, thanks so much

Velu - Thanks, u saw this time:)

Indianangel – atha padichathukku romba nandriba:)

Kathy – is that so cool that your comment! Great that u watched the film of Gandhi. Take care dear:)