Saturday, November 11, 2006


I expected the film E (Fly) to release on my favorite drive-in theater, where I can watch the movie on the big screen, but the diwali release Vallavan was running there till Thursday. Reason to watch this film was the expectations from the director Janathan who gave a beautiful nature (Iyarkai) which won a National Award, with a different love story with the backdrop of ship’s and beaches. Another reason was actor Jeeva, I impressed by his acting in Raam. Me and dad left to drive-in last evening, it been first show in that theater, when we enter, there was only one car was parked and there were only 20 cars when the film starts.

The Film E has a global problem of spreading bio-war.
The film has Jeeva (E), Nayantra (Jothi), Ashish Vidyarthy (Doctor Ramakrishna) and Pasupathy (Nellai Mani).

Jeeva who acts as a slum grown youth called E, who was valiant to do anything for money. Jothi who was a bar dancer, come to the slum where E lives. E acts like helping her and do some cheating; when Jothi comes to know about E’s character, instead of hating, she makes love on him and try to change his character. Ramakrishna is a doctor who tests the medicines, which was banned by International pharmaceutical companies, on the poor and uneducated and earns millions from foreign companies. Already a person called Nellai Mani who knows the Dr’s cruel plan and trying to kill him. In the Dr.’s test jothi’s sister was killed and E’s grandma was sick. In this situation when nellai Mani was trying to shoot the Dr., E save the Dr and police arrest the Nellai Mani. So Dr. fixes an amount to E to kidnap Mani from police and kill. Unexpectedly when Mani was wounded by the encounter E act like saving him and hide in a place, and bargain with the doctor. In between he sings, dance and do small small cheating and anti-activates… did E kills the Nellai Mani, or did Jothi changes E in her love! Or what happen to the Dr and his test… are remain.
Jeeva has lived in his role as Slum rowdy; his speech activities are really like a slum guy. Negative roles done by a hero is rare in Tamil films; Jeeva took this in brave to show his acting skill. Karunas act as Jeeva's friend, he did acting scene instead of comedy. Mixing the liquor on the tender water for not feeling the pain while getting beat form police, hanging a black board on his neck and walking on the road towards police station in bare body, are different. Nayantra looks hot in the bar dance sequence and come in top, skirt through out the film. Her advice made jeeva to get angry and it also make him to think. Some of his cheating turns into positive to nayantra views. It was sin when she gets beat on the rolling wood from jeeva. In the song Orea Murai they shows the dirty E in a beautiful face with beauty Nayanthara, Thirpoori Parakum is local kutthu…the background music by Srikanth Deva was nice. It was like we visited our nearest slum!

Bloody bodies in mortuary and stitching the tissue, shooting, some naughty words, abbreviate our face. I doubt how they give U certificate for this film, which was not suitable for children. It was very comedy that for killing Mani, Jeeva brings a big grinding stone from a cemetery. The place the Mani was hiding remembers the lighthouse, which comes in Iyarkai. When the doctor tells, like chinkengunya, malayaria we can also spread the bad virus in the environment and kill the people, through this test. This message on the film was can’t imagined. The end was interesting to know the Dirty E fly’s to clean the county.


V N said...

Nayantara has gone through such a metamorphosis, that shes a far cry from the girl who made her entry into Mallu films a few years back. I saw her in Vallavan and was dumbstruck!

tulipspeaks said...

im not exactly a fan of jeeva. gonna give this movie a miss. at least i know the story now ;)


erenity said...

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Ponniyinselvan said...

நல்ல விமர்சனம்.நிறைய எழுதவும்.

Keshi said...

u know I have a cousin in NZ and he looks exaclty like Jeeva. :)

I havent seen this movie yet but I dun like violence. I can do w.o. that right now - as if there's not enough of that on the news!


Ghost Particle said...

man...i hate this low grade tamil mvoes. I only watch Kamal, or Maniratnam movies.

visithra said...

hummm story sounds different - might catch it

Balaji S Rajan said...


Looks like you enjoyed watching E. I have been seeing the Thirai Vimarsanams. I think Vikatan has put 44 out of 100 for E. Should be a good film. Let us wait and watch.
Thanks for your detail review.

smiley said...

nalla review :)

wanker said...

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shantaria said...

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Anonymous said...

hellooo Jeevan ^_^ hows u dear? its been a while na... am not regularly blogging for a while! I need to catch up some work at home and Rinas school this winter so im on-off here!
miss reading ur blog... and hope to catch u sometime on gtalk!

kinda cool movie huh... Jeeva is cutee ^_^

u take dear and have a great week ahead!


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