Friday, November 03, 2006

Sweet talk

Last night as I was calling my friend Razick (who was in Thirunelveli), surprisingly his mom received the phone. I haven’t expected her voice, when I introduce me, she was very excited, it sounds me like wow. I feel her happiness in her voice; she kindly talked with me and enquired every one in my family. Talking with her was like we were familiar for years, not like first time. She said: She was in a doubt that would she see me or talk with me, but I hope now by seeing my photo, which I sent it with the Ramzan Greetings, and taking with me now would satisfy her.

I should thank to my friend, who was not at the time I called, to give me this great opportunity to talk with his sweet mom. Our friendship has crossed only a year and a half, now I was like a member of their family. The talking time can be 4 minutes, but the lovely words form her was very soothing for me. In this world nothing will make us happy except the lovely words form others, when my parent and I were proud of my friend, she was very proud of our friendship and me. She blessed to have a good health. They can be low in wealth, but no deficiency for love. Much of the time we cant hope on the net chat, some used to lie, but in our relation we talked openly; when my friend was in my home he said, he realized what every I said was true, for me and him this was the first chat where we understood through letters. Even while writing this post, my mind was full of the movements we talk in the phone and happiness by talking to a best mom. The words she told that “ u are also my son” it was so sweet u know. Feel so luck to get another mom:)


Nirek said...

lol...thats cho chweet of you too bro! Yep mom's love is always revered upon!

Sandai-Kozhi said...

so sweet of you to put a post on her too.panam illadhavargalidam dhan paasam adhigam irukkum. idhu vazhkaiyin niyadhi.I remember "oruvan oruvan mudhalali" song.--SKM

Kavi said...

There is a saying. "God couldnt be everywhere. So made mothers" !

So true !

Anonymous said...

Nice :)

praveen said...

thats how my best buddies parents treat us, like their own children..sometimes get scolding from them too...lolz

mysorean said...

When both of them begin scolding you na Jeevan.. you will know!! :P

Just kidding!

"...low in wealth, but no deficiency for love" That's the trademark of an Indian!

Narayanan Venkitu said...


Friends are God sent.!! You might be half my age..but you are a good friend of mine!

Those words ' u are also my son'..!! amazing..You have a wonderful friend..indeed in Razick!

Ponniyinselvan said...

sorry to object."panathukkum paasathukkum enna sambantham.rajavukku than maganidam pasamillaiya?anbu adimanathilirunthu varuvathu.
anyhow ,jeevan i too will add myself .give me your phone number.
karthik amma

Jeevan said...

Nirek - :) thanks

Sandai-Kozhi – Thanks Friend

Kavi – That’s very true!

KK – Thank u

KK – It must be very sweet to get scold form them:)

Aadi – haha… Thanks dear:)

Narayanan Venkitu – I am so lucky to be ur Friend:) Razick is very different boy, he understood his parents well, and we should learn many good things from him. Thanks dear Friend!

Ponniyinselvan - Kandippa panathukkum paasathukkum sambantham illai, I accept. Sure pls, my cell no is 9840564732:) take care ma!

Balaji S Rajan said...


All mothers are great. Glad to hear about your friend and his family. His mom's words were really comforting. I felt as if she told me. So nice of her. Mothers are really sweet. Hats off to you too for keeping good friends. Keep it up!

visithra said...

how sweet both of u

Ghost Particle said...

pure feelings. felt nice reading this.