Tuesday, January 30, 2007

18th century model Gotheborg Ship in Chennai

originally uploaded by Jeevan Kumar.
The ship that was designed like the 18th century’s submerged ship, Sweden’s Gotheborg is arriving chennai tomorrow (31st January).

About the ship

The 18th century’s Gotheborg ship that floats on the sea was shining as a biggest cargo ship that belongs to Sweden. Not only through the trade, even Gotheborg was served to improve the culture and it also holds all miscellaneous art structures and display as a vault. This ship was involved in an accident and submerged in September1745, when it was carrying Tea and Porcelain things from China. After that Sweden started to design a ship like Gotheborg. As per Gothperk ship was designed from 1986 to 1992 with most antique objects and by the time it provides modern facilities and security lay outs.

Gotheborg that got life again, looks like the mast ship that comes in the old Tamil film Aairathil Oruvan. We can tell this ship displays the same style with little modernization. Gotheborg, which horrific at many people whom eagerly seen in many countries, was going to rob our (people of chennai) eyes from tomorrow. Sweden’s Gotheborg has comes by passing five continents; after traveling through Spain, Brazil, Australia, it departed from Singapore on 14th and reach chennai harbor on 31st after its 15-day travel. This ship would be welcomed by governor SS Barnala, Sweden deputy PM Mautolopsun and ship minister T.R.Balu. The ship is expected to stay in chennai for 11 days. What special about it is, Gotheborg is only coming to chennai in India. From where ever this ship depart, it has a familiar to carry a group of people from the harbor, as per it has actor Revathi, Leptin commander Amit Arvind, tsunami affected fisher men, 2 journalist who were traveling in the ship would involve in cleaning it.

As Gotheborg coming to chennai, a festival called “Sweden comes to Chennai” was going to celebrate for 10 days; that time special programs by Sweden will hold. On Feb 1 a trade program is going to hold and both nations like to discuss on varies department. Continuing that, every day a special program like Jazz musical’s Minta music program, Sweden’s food festival, film festival would be held. Public can view this ship from Feb 3rd -7th from 1 to 9pm. We can also see this sight from Marina beach.


Jeevan said...

Hi Dear, Sorry i couldn’t post and visit your blogs of my limited MB's for the month has been finished and above all i was suffering from Teeth pain, so can't read. Will be here and there form February 1. Take care all:) and will replay to the comment for the mattu pongal post soon…

pria said...

Jeev: Thaz a col information about Gotheberg...

தூயா said...

Ouch that must hurt.
I had the same problem couple of weeks ago.
Take care Jeevan.

Regarding the ship;

ramya said...

ship superungo jeevan...nalla news kodukareenga..

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geetha said...

Interesting. So, are you gonna check the ship out?

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Sandai-Kozhi said...

Thats a cool info about the ship and the festival to be held.
How are you now? get well soon.
Take care.--SKM

Jeevan said...

Pria – Thanks priya.

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