Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Cruel Year End

Last week and year-end was not normal, it’s very shocking and felt cruel. The chennai was shocked when police found an 11-year-old kid’s body from bushy place on Wednesday. Some unknown kidnapped Aravind who was in his 6th, two days before his body was found with cut fell on his face. In the enquiry comes the secret behind the killing of Aravind, which was unbelievable. Its 3 kids below 18 were arrested on Friday for kidnapping and killing him cruelly. The reason said by police was the 3 kids whom were 16 and 15 kidnapped the boy to demand his parents 5 lakhs to celebrate the New Year and buy cell phones. What really make shock are these 3 kids were best friend of Aravind. Now there futures were questioned? The three were in the prison and the enquiry continues… before it end’s here comes another cruel which shakes the whole nation.

It’s a long time complains that many children’s in Nethari village of Noida (Uttar Pradesh) were missing for last three years. But non-can’t find where they gone, and complaints were registered in police. Some days back the people in the village Odours a corpse smell from the drainage canal, when the police dig the roadside canal they found many bones, and organs of young children. Totally 30 decomposed organs and bodies of children were captured and sent to postmodern. These bodies were captured outside the compound of a businessman Mohinder Singh Pandher house. The police have arrested him and enquired about the children and he accepts that he only rapping and killings the children and throw it in the canal. This incident has marked the country very flurry. The people and relatives who lose their children are in angry and they protest and destroy the Mohinder’s house, the village was flurry and every day there was violence breaking the police were heap for security. See where our country is going…. Our futures are killed for sexual abuse. The sleeping govt. should be fast on this case and the accused should be punishes severely. Where this village was protesting for the killing of innocent children. The world is protesting for Saddam’s capital punishment.

The American army, which captured the Iraq in 2003 on war, removed the Saddam’s government and brings the nation to its control. There after the country faces bad times of continues suicide bomb blast, every day violent, lose of lives has become normal. In this time US found Saddam from a pit and brought the old cases on him to investigate. With the favour of opposite religious parties the US also brings a new government, which was under the control of US (I think). In the month’s long investigation the Iraq court gives him capital punishment for killing 148 Shiya people in 1982. The punishment was conformed by special court on Nov 26th and he was handover to the Iraq government. In the situation of Bakrid, all hoped that he would not be put under the rope, but in the unexpected time they hanged him early morning on 30th Dec. This news very shocking to every one, with in minutes the Iraq started to faces continues of bomb blast and violent to its high. When the news spreads many people contempt the US cruel act and many places had protest and violence. I too think it’s an urgent decision by US govt. and the investigation has not done properly on the case and the only aim of the cases is to hang him. What happen now nothing has changed except the increased violence, I think the capital punishment should not be given to him; he is a President to million people. Why the US had war on Iraq? To find the deadly weapons. Did they found? Non. The purpose of the war is to destroy Saddam’s power and kill. Why do we need an UN security counsel when they are useless where there are million peoples were dieing. The US should be controlled; it’s a cruelty! Let Saddam’s soul get peace in the heaven.

We all hope and pray at least in this year the violence and cruel acts against human and all livings should be decrease.

## Today morning I read a news that a child from Islamabad was hanged by itself while playing like hanging, after seeing the Saddam’s punishment on the Television. See how the punishment has pressed in the kids mind. The channels should try to avoid these scenes on vision!


Keshi said...

Jeevan HAPPY NEW YEAR to u mate! I missed u!!

I know...we live in a very cruel world. Saddam (althoug he was a cruel man too) should not have been hanged in such a brutal way. U know I abhor Capital Punishment. I was feeling shocked, ashamed, hurt, angry and violated when I saw the footage of his hanging and twas too close to the New Year. Where r the human rights? Where is our civil nature? This was a revenge act...not a punishment. So where is the so-called lawm, Religion and compassion? I'm sick of ppl being killed in the name of law. We who call ourselves civil go and do the same barbaric acts and call it the law! I have no more words to describe how pathetic we are as human beings.


Keshi said...


Anonymous said...

Kid hanging himself after seeing saddam's execution!! very very bad...sick!

Anonymous said...

there are so many bad things in this world...if we ignore it then we are jst closing our eyes, if we see and speak about it much grief comes. So what do we do?

tulipspeaks said...

as much as i dislike saddam, i condemn the way he was punished too. and the death of the child could be avoided only if the media was more considerate in their broadcast. btwn, isnt there such thing as private death anymore? sigghhh