Monday, January 08, 2007

Sweet sight!!

In this winter season,
the shaking red flowers near my gold house.
The winter tree, which looks beautiful some months,
with my fav pink color flowers,.
deceit by being dry branches.
Picking the loves once left to sea.

It’s the time for looking girls,
after some long days on Sunday,
A difficult situation to park the cars,
although after a full round,
blessed to park near some good-looking gals.
Beach was filled with heads and food stall lights,
Look like the kite festival has started,
A feeling of entered into an exhibition.

Innocent parents left cousin and me alone
Think like boy would sit quite and listen to music.
Who know? Why I visit shore often!
Winter evening, chill air,
Like the blooming flowers,
A fresh feel.

With disturbing crowds,
and mild music from stereo,
Just got to sight some gals.
To wonder how god has creates them so beautiful,
and guys to adore them.
A cute gal in her blue shirt
and white mine skirt.
A gentle touch from his boyfriend,
dropt his hand in her shoulder,
a cool walk with her.
With little smile in my mind, left the place.


Anonymous said...


LOvely post jeevan!!
Is that ur work? :)
Awesome picture too...
Keep rockign! :)

Anonymous said...

a lovely post jeevan..nijama sila neram nammai brahmika vaikum sila vishayangalula onnu azhagu..
//Just got to sight some gals//

azhagu enga irundhalum aaradhikanum, ennai porutha varai, oru pen thayanavudal varum azhagu migavum peridhu, oru kozhandhai pasila irukaracha pasi theerka varum saapadum azhagu than, mattravar azhagai pughaZvadharku puraazhagai vida, agathin azhagu than migavum mukiyam eppadi paarthalum, ella vishayathilum oru azhagu undu..

starry nights said...

Lovely post Jeevan and I like the picture. you are such a romantic.

starry nights said...

Lovely post Jeevan and I like the picture. you are such a romantic.

Keshi said...

I love that color! And great post mate.


tulipspeaks said...

looks like sumone being v romantic.. wassup! :P


Anonymous said...

Great post Jeevan... Keep writing :D
Those flowers reminded me of my neighborhood house :D

monu said...

nice on Jeevan!
and nice pic of those beautiful flowers!

Jeevan said...

Marutham – Thanks, which one are u mentioning about the work?

Ramya – Thank you Friend! I agree with u.

Starry – Thank dear:)

Keshi – Thanks so much:)

Amutha - :)

KK – Thanks.

Monu – Thanks dear!

Anonymous said...

Nice picture and post Jeevan. Beautiful. your garden??

Jeevan said...

Thooya - Thank you Friend:) No its now our garden. This garden is opposite to my old house, actualy its a house with garden. last sunday i visited my old house so i took a snap.

Anonymous said...

awww soo sweet Jeevan and im simply luv the color of flower! nice pic dear ^_^