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Tamil Songs I liked in 2006

Following are the Tamil film song, which I liked the most in last year 2006. I also linked the videos of the song and wrote reason for why i like the song. To see the songs click on the name of the song which is in pink color. sorry for putting a long post:)

Munbe Vaa En Anba Vaa… from Sillunu Oru Kaadhal was my most favorite song of the year. Gorgeous voice of Shreya Ghoshal was very attracted me to this song! And naresh’s voice was a good pair to it. The soft melodic and romantic tune, which creates a happy feel by Rahman would be a best of the year. The video of this song was another pleasant one with Boomika’s adoring cheek cavity smile, and the drizzling background.

Manjal Veyil Malaiela…. from Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu. The songs stats by vennilava velli velli nelava… first felt it would be a soft melody, after few seconds that totally turns to western music, was energetic. It was an enjoyable song from Hariharan after some time. I too have imagine this song like the yellow lights of the sun by the time its 4.30 to it flashes through the groups of trees as the green and ripe leaves spill on the ground the people walking in that. I just wonder by the video of clean picturesque of this song, and the background lights are amazing esp. the black sky change as blue and orange colors are so different; the dream city of New York was pleasant to see, actually I expected this type of video for New York nagam song form SOK. Poet Tamarai’s lyrics were beautiful.

Poi Sollaporen Poi Sollaporen…. from Thiruttu Payalae. What attract me in the song are the catchy lyrics, which sound funny. The laugh in between was very nice and sweet! Musician Bharadwaj brings a stylish tune for it; the video shows the Australia, the beach, childish way of acting was beautiful ;)

Un Parvayil Paithiyam anean… form Something Something is a sweet romantic song. It starts with a slow guitar tune and the guitar plays a nice work throughout the song, my fav Karthik singed it well with fast & slow which fits the music. The picture of this song was a cute one, Trisha smile is what I liked much.

Yedhedho Ennangal Vanthu…. from Pattiyal is a sweet melody which welfare and relax my mind from Yuvan’s wonderful music. Yuvan also tries his voice and it too comes out in an adorable manner. Here was another cute one, which have nice dance movements from Bharath and Pooja.

Pakaatha Enna Pakaatha… from Aaru was a song, which was singed, in a sad situation when the hero wound his girls mind and feels her love memories. Devi Sri Prasad’s slow music and Tippu’s voice makes a warm sense. Trisha in a sari with open hair looks so nice, it craves me to watch it again & again.

Idhu Enna Pudhu Unarvo….. form Chitiram Peasuthadi. Like the lyrics, it gives me a new feeling whenever I enjoy this song, which runs less than 2 minutes. Manju Haridas gives voice to this, as new Music Director Sundar C. Babu, set by tune for this film were all songs are super hits. When I was alone I like to listen to this songs, and it brings a refresh inside me.

Dhavanipotta Deepavali… in the film Sandai Kozhi is folk with classic music by Yuvan is gives a familiar feel. The voice of Vijay Yesudas was a good choice. Meera Jasmine’s prank acting was an additional pulse, sits me to adore it.

Boomiku Velichamelam… from Dishoom was poetic style of song; which attracts me here is the matured voice of Gayathri great voice loved it. I liked this song at first time listen it in radio; it ‘s really a different one. Vijay Anthony brings a romantic style of tunes, to this Hot Song!

Aah Adi va… form Imsai Arasan. It should be appreciated to see the brave of composers to set tune of 50’s and 60’s in this time of modern style of music. The good thing was its not a remake song, it has its original lyrics in 50’s tune. The second half of the female voice given to this song was soothing, I keep on repeating the second half much times. Sabesh & Murali these two hands created a respect for the old songs in our young’s.

Here comes another fav Hoty song from Vattraram, Mudhal Mudhala… in the way of an englsih song with the instruments that bring some peppy beats for the romantic lyrics. This year I have been attracted by some female voice, on the list here is another its Janani, sweet voice!! This song was picturesque in the backdrop of a beach side resort, with arya and keerat in colorful costumes.

Chitheraiyil Enna Varum…. With pure Tamil lyrics from Sivappathigaram was the best one for Tamil lovers like me. I adore the lyrics, with very soft music, but it has some beats that disturb the beautiful pronunciation of the lyrics by Swarnalatha.

Veyyilodu Vilayadi Veyyilodu Uravadi…. From Veyyil was a beautiful song with the countryside children’s fun in the Sunshine. The lyrics, the children’s activities take us to our childhood memories. Another song from the same album is Kadhal Nerupin Nadanam... was a bright duet, which took in short and cross streets in south Tamil Nadu. The song has an art in the picturesque and the lyrics.

This year there was also some mass song in my likes. The Asai Dhosai... song from Paramasivan was one among in the list. I listen to this first time in SunTv’s Supthasurangal where a kid sings, after that I was searching for this song, and found, it was from paramasivan. The voice of Priya Subramani was a very different and gusto, it really rocks. Have seen the video twice, it is an item dance in prison. I also adore a remake song this year; it’s the Ennadi Muniyamma... from Vathiyar and there are many film songs I have enjoyed this year, but I can’t written all here. Last year we had nice songs to adore, it can be peppy, melody. Rap, remake or anything. Even, year-end also we listen to the new release album, which would be good songs for 2007. Wish to listen more good songs in this year.


monu said...

nice list Jeevan
i liked listening to Munbe Va rather than seeing it
and loved Manjal Veyyil and its picturisation..

Anonymous said...

superb wrk bro. I thought of doing some listing for 2006, but then gave up as it is exhaustive work. but you did the best songs 2006 list so easily...
good! I like to ur song selection!

tulipspeaks said...

its munbe va - the song voted as the best in the 2006 in m'sia.


Anonymous said...

jeevan neenga mention panna ella paatum ennoda fav. kooda!

Melody dhaan romba pidikum pola? Same pinchu! :)

Jeevan said...

Monu – Thanks dear:) these two are awesome songs of the year!! I loved the picturisation of Manjal Veyyil

Nirek – Thanks bro:) It takes me half-an-hour to post it with links of songs from Try to post ur favorite too!

Amutha – Good ones should be accepted! Nice to know it was the best there.

Karthik B.S. – Same pinch too Karthik!! Yes, Who don’t like melodies:) but I like all types of songs.

Anonymous said...

Jeevan, Munbe Vaa is my fav song too!! Good Post!

Anonymous said...

Nice songs... I've heard only a few of them ;-). I liked "paartha mudhal naale" from vetaiyadu vilaiyaadu better.

Anonymous said...

hey nanba, enakkum miga piditha paadal, munbae vaa anbae vaa ...nijama romba soothing effect thara song, whenever i hear to that all my tensions will b relieved..

also manjal veyil..from VV a lovely song..adhula enakku migavum piditha varigal, "ulagathin kadaisi naal indru thaano enbathu pol, pesi pesi theertha pinnum, edho ondru kuraiyudhey"...this clearly expresses the feeling of the song..

Anonymous said...

hmm... enakkum dhaan all types of songs pidikum! :)

Anonymous said...

nice post jeevan...

mubey vaa is my favorite too....

Keshi said...

u missed one more...paartha mudhal naala...:)


Jeevan said...

Thooya - :) Thank you!

Pavithra – Thanks, that too a very good song, but I liked manjal Veyyil more:)

Ramya – That’s nice to know its gives relief to ur mind:) me too like that line from VV pa! Welcome here with ur new name:)

Karthik b.s. - :)

Gops – Thanks gops!

Keshi – but I liked Majal veyyil more that paartha….:)

Anonymous said...


dunkinjalki said...

hey friend,

i neither know tamil nor a regular watcher. but once i heard a particular song and liked it a lot. but could never find it again. i will recall whatever i remember and tell me where is this song from. in the song sequence there is a procession going across streets, on a jeep (i guess). a middle agedd man is singing the song. he holds his stretched hand with a pointing finger at the audience on the street. it looks like a political campaign sequence in the song. at the end of the song the singer reaches a leader. the procession stops there, and somebody brings a bottle of desi-soda to him, he drinks. meanwhile song stops for a few seconds and it restarts again.

tell me where is this song from ,and if u know any place where i can listen to this song again.

can you mail me at


n.rasanai said...

Coming from tamil nadu i liked the song Veyyilodu Vilayadi... which is practical and really sensible compared to rain songs, snow songs, moon light songs.....

Everday we get affected by veyyil (that too 9/12 monts in a year)... and the song has even made too think... be happy with what we have!!!

next time when i had to roam in scorching sun, I am sure hum the song....

And the words puludhi are realities, rather than the hero singing in some phoren places, which is not the day-today reflections of a common man from TN..

Hail the writer...

Dyslexic Prof said...

dunkinjalki - try this link I htink this is what you might be looking for

Vinoth said...

Hai Jeevan..How r u?? I am vinoth. i think u r the right person to help me.I have a competition in instrumental (Keyboard)..Only using sequence..(no beats..). songs from before 1990s. In this we will give a theme also. So can u help. U dont think i troubled u..... mail id

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