Saturday, February 17, 2007

Disagree on the justice

A small tour arranged by university, it’s a happy journey with mates, totally fun filled movement. Sudden force collapses everything, not only the fun, the dreams, and the wishes with their lives.

Fury gang of political background, with hard stones and roller sticks. Attempt to close the students with bus; those were belonging to the Indian backbone. Students try to save their lives, except three souls to leave their life.

Burning vehicle, screaming sound, crying young’s to save their dears. It’s not a burning matchstick to blow, its powerful fuel bombs. Talents buried by violent gang, human madness game on the girls. Smiles where freeze, to the parents, to see their children as a charcoal log.

There were cameras to save the incident, but we have no cameras to save their lives. Why this anger on the innocents, to show their private defiance. Came judgment after 7 wonder years, with an order to take their lives. Higher appeal comes as a honey to the bees, to pull the case for more years.

This post is about this. I disagree with the capital punishment, which was not a solution to this incident. The punishment must be severe that must realize the fault they done for those young souls, whom where not related to their anger.


starry said...

Jeevan I am with you on this. I am against the death penalty and I think those who commited these horrible crimes should stay in prison and suffer for what they have done.Putting them to death does not solve anything.

Pavithra said...

Nice post Jeevan !! My concern is if Sun TV can host the burning show live couldn't they have saved those 3 lives? Isn't Media selfish? The same happened with the Babri Masjid case.

Shiva said...

Jeeva, a thing to be comtemplated. It's quite dissapointing to see that the convicts are only whose actually committed the crime and we let free the force that actually triggered the convicts. Like you said, captital punishment is not the solution..

Nirek said...

Don't think pavam for those bastards. those stupid political kundas has to be teared down to keep india in growth path.
these kind of things has to be stopped at once! dont show mercy for these fellas!

Keshi said...

Im 100% with ya on this one Jeevan. U know how much I detest the death penalty. It's a void act that brings no solution.


Balaji S Rajan said...

I really doubt whether only three persons were behind this incident. Probably it should have been multiplied by 10. Who knows the real truth? Again were they just scapegoats from real big wigs who were behind the scene. Anything and everything is possible. Still, I do not understand why they should not be punished. Only strict laws and punishment can prevent such barbaric crimes in future.

Jeevan said...

Starry - What are we going to gain my killing these accuse, will the girls going to come alive? No. The punishment to them should make them realize their fault. If they realize it, there is no severe punishment than it. They can’t help from their conscience, they lose their peace.

Pavi – The medias supporting politics plays their game with human lives for their political gain. Thanks.

Shiva – we can’t guess it who is criminal, we can only hope that police and secret investigators will find the real criminals.

Nirek – I agree these incidents disturb the Indian growth in security sector. All lives are same, it’s easy to take life, but creating a life is not easy… right bro. I have said it in starry replay about my thought.

Keshi – Yes dear! In my life I never want to see a life goes.

Balaji – the main criminals were 3, but there are totally 24 people have been accused by court. That’s true, who knows the real truth.