Thursday, February 22, 2007

Language of nature and life

Here comes a lovely lyrics about language. It was written by poet Vairamuthu, for Tamil film Mozhi. It has very simple words, and loveable. My most favorite one is: “If we understand the language of hearts, Humans no need a language” that express the true feeling between humans. It’s more awesome if u could listen to this song in Tamil, here I bring it in global language (English) to share how beautiful these lines are.

Wind’s language is sound or music
Flower’s language is color or fragrance
Sea’s language is waves or lather
Love’s language is eyes or lips

If we understand the language of nature
Humans language is no need.
If we understand the language of hearts
Humans no need a language.

Wind has no directions when it blows
Love had no languages when it speaks.
Like speaking words, silence can’t understand
God unawares the words talked my eyes.
To the strolling winds, shape can’t be searched
Love speaking languages, will not restive in vow nests.

If we understand the language of nature
Humans language is no need.
If we understand the language of hearts
Humans no need a language.

Sky speaking speech comes out as drops
Rainbows speech comes out as colors.
When truth comes dumbness, tears becomes language
Womanhood comes dumbness, modesty becomes language.
In the time when sound sleeps, apex stars becomes language
In the wishes sleeping hearts, motion also becomes language.


starry nights said...

Jeevan..those words were so many ways to understand the nature of language. so needs no language.

Shiva said...

Jeevan, thanks for translating. I sometimes think all his words should be transalted, even if it a movie song. Sky is the limit for his imaginations. It's good pick by you.

Nirek said...

enna pattu thalaiva??!
mozhi songs nalla irukka?? review pls..

Jeevan said...

Starry – these are great words about nature and life. Glad u like the lyrics:)

Shiva – Thank you. Vairamuthu’s poems are powerful and beautiful. In his lyrics I love his poovukkul olinthuirukkum song and santhosham song from youth.

Niker – it is kaatrin mozhi oliyaa isaiyaa, poovin mozhi niramaa manamaa… from mozhi. It’s a soothing song singed by balram and sujath in Vidhyasagar’s composing. In a word it’s beautiful!! In Vairamuthu’s wonderful poem. Check it out bro, u would love it:)

Ghost Particle said...

vairamuthu captures the essence of the world, human and universe.

barbi said...

@ jeevan

vairamuthu s really great. His songs in alaipauthey are a all time fav. I also accept that verse.
If we understand hearts, there are no necessity of languages.

p.s. @ all others.
saw the flower on the post? and lyrics, attraction for poems.
ellaram jeevan a kelunga...

Truly Yours said...

very nice. Only Jeevan can make the translation wonderful too.

Kittu said...

ada ada ada enna oru translation baa ..joober :-)

infact i've heard the song, kaatrin mizhi--vidyasagar has definitely given a poetic glaze to the song.

Syam said...

original song kum link kuduthu irundha innum nalla irundhu irukum..anyways I really appreciate you for translating it :-)

krystyna said...

Hi Jeevan!
This song is sooo beautiful and really lovely. I'll be happy to listen it with music.
We don't need a language if we are humans. Animals undestand the language of nature.
Beautiful picture!
Have a great weekend time!

Anonymous said...

Nice jeevz...and that explains ur status message ;)

Jeevan said...

GP – he catches it na:)

Barbi – I accept it vairamuthu is a best poet for Tamil! I got miss rose in google sometimes back, I have adored if many times, its beautiful know. Babi I love to fall in love:)

Truly yours – Thank you friend:)

Kittu – Thanks:) it’s definitely an evergreen song from vidyasagar and Vairamuthu.

Syam – I don’t know where to get online link for this song. Thanks syam:)

Krystyna – Thank you dear:) “Animals understand the language of nature.” how true!! When they understand it why we humans can’t and to do things against the nature. Have a happy weekend too…

Thooya – Thanks dear:)

Lavanya Deepak said...

paatu kettein...azhuthen...feel bad for everyone who cannot understand this language...but then again 'இயற்கையின் மொழிகள் புரிந்துவிடில்
மனிதரின் மொழிகள் தேவையில்லை

இதயத்தின் மொழிகள் புரிந்துவிடில்
மனிதர்க்கு மொழியே தேவையில்லை!