Saturday, February 24, 2007

Tag recommended by Shiva

Favorite Colors: White, pink and black
Favorite Food: Sea food, and Idly Sambar
Favorite Month: May (summer vocations to spent with cousins)

Favorite Songs:
Tamil: in recent times its Katrin mozhi… and June pona…
English: Barbie girl from Aqua (all time favorite)
Hindi: - Doom Doom…

Favorite Movies:
English- Titanic, Jurassic Park, speed…
Tamil- Gilly, Anniyan, Jeans…
Hindi- Swadesh and Rang De Basanthi
Italian – non
Iranian – non

Favorite Book:
English – A.P.J Abdul Kalam’s
Tamil – Kumudham and Youth book (Elainjer malalar) dhina thanthi’s supplement.

Favorite Sport: Tennis (but my favorite sport i play was Carrom)
Favorite Season: Winter and rainy
Favorite Day Of the week: Sunday
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Vanilla
Favorite Time of Day: Early morning
During weekends: As usual


Current Mood: Happy (with a new arrival in my life)
Current Taste: Biscuit (just now ate time pass)
Current Clothes: Shirt Pant
Current Desktop: my desktop is in problem, so Active Desktop recovery
Current Toe nail Color: nothing
Current Time: 9:39pm
Current Surroundings: sound from fan
Current Thoughts: where to go with the new arrival. (will tell it in next post)


First Best Friend: Udhyan
First Screen Name: what screen
First Pet: Mani
First Piercing: injection
First Album: not remember
First Movie: Raja Chinna Roja, (with my memory)


Last Cigarette: once! That too when I was in 4th, while playing with my neighbor boy in the terrace of my grandpas house, just took the used cigarette and kept in my mouth to do style like others do. Really that time we don’t know how to use it like releasing smoke.

Last Drink:
Alcoholic: 7up
Non-alcoholic: water

Last Movie Seen: Thamirabarani
Last Phone Call: evening at 6… (Last call I attend was from my grandma)
Last Book Read: The Week magazine
Have You Ever Broken the Law: may be sometime (I hate braking laws)
Have You Ever Been Arrested: never
Have You Ever Been on TV: before starting this tag, watched Sun Music
Have You Ever Lied: Many times, more for good ones (I try to be away from it as much).
Have You Ever Kissed Someone You Didn't Know: can’t remember


Thing You're Wearing: check current cloth..
Thing You've Done Today: Ate (that’s the best thing I have done today;)
Thing You Can Hear Right Now: sound from fan
Thing You Can't Live Without: Parents
Thing You Do When You're Bored: I wont get bored, because I keep me always busy, and it also keeps me active. So apart from this I will listen Music, and watching TV.


hall, bedroom (and also my PC room), bathroom


My Friends here, cousin and dad


Like to live with everyone’s love
Always want to be thankfully for those who helped me


Many!! In that one is Meeting A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and discuss about India’s development and future world.

I pass this tag to Thooya, and Ghost Particle!


krystyna said...

Hi Jeevan!
Thanks for writing about yourself.
Very interesting!!!
My time of day is early morning too, but day is Saturday.
All the best to you!

Anonymous said...

lots of info...thanks for it..i always wanted to get to know u more...n this tag thingo helped me and HM HM now its my turn!! donno what i am gng to write..but do i hv to do it tonite? or can do it tommo?

priya said...

Jeev: I still remember that aqua song and its full of colors and fun.

Swadesh songs are melodious and my favorite too.

Nice tag jeev and you did so well:)

Jo said...

I wish your dream to meet President would become a reality soon.

KK said...

Whoa! yevaluv periya tag! very nicely done tag....
I have tagged you :D you can do back to back tag :D

tulipspeaks said...

nice tag!



ஜி said...

Tag is a great thing to know abt one... Urs is nice... helped to know more abt u :)))))

Keep smiling...

Sree's Views said...

Hey Jeevan..
You are the first male to say that u like pink..appa..naan romba naala waiting..yaaravadhu solluvaangalaanu..enakku romba pidicha color..(I think my brother likes it too..ana avar solla maataar..thinking that we wld tease him :P )(Legally blonde movie nyabhagam varudhu..) :)

hmm romba correcta yosichee tagkku answer panni irukeenga.. :)
see yaa!

Marutham said...

Hello Jeevan
Same pinch..
I did the same tag..
But..OI..u have done it sincerely... :) Well done!
And ur wish.."Periya alu ponga neenga..."
I wish u meet apj sir soon...
Naan try panren to arrange a meeting ;) hehe...I wish i cud

Shiva said...

Jeevan, Thanks for the Tag -

Sea food, and Idly Sambar - Mouth watering!

Barbie girl from Aqua- It's full of josh and fun. I liked it too.

Movies ellam fast track thaan pola. Good taste.

I also loved Wings of Fire by APJ

New Arrival - Suspense???

Ate (that’s the best thing I have done today;) - Superb!

It's easy to meet APJ, when he visits Tamilnadu. Hope this will come true soon.

Keshi said...

Ur such a sweet guy Jeevan. I like pink and black too and I love those movies u mentioned.


kary said...

Coming in after a long time. Nice One!

Jeevan said...

Krystyna – Hi dear! Thanks for being here to read my tag:) early morning is very pleasant and fresh na. I enjoy going out on Sunday, that’s why I like it.

Thooya – even if u haven’t do this tag u won’t get any punishment here:) but it will be useful to know some about you. Thank you friend.

Priya – its been years, but still the song is enjoyable and sweet! M favorite song in swadesh (in Tamil Deasom) Kavariya and thinnana munnana thaannana… Thanks priya:)

Jo – Thanks for your wishes Jo:)

KK – Thanks friend. will check yours and do it soon…

Amutha – Thank you!

Jeevan said...

Ge – Thanks for being here. Tag helps much to know about them!

Sree – actually why this pink attracts me is. In our house, rose will bloom in pink (light pink) color and it will look very beautiful so I felt with this color. Romba thanks sree, see you:)

Marutham - Hi Marutham! Will check yours… Thanks for the wishes. Try pannunga, I think in 3 month’s he would be returning to Ann University

Shiva – thanks for tagging me my friend. There will be no dish to equalize the Idly samba of ours in south. There were times between me and my uncle to who will have this aqua album.

It’s very interesting to see fast track film, and I also like soft love films. Kalam’s writings are always towards youth, and he is great to think from everyone’s. In his recent tip to kovai shows how normal human he was to refuse a special seat and sit on ordinary one.

Keshi – Thank you dear friend:)

Kary – thanks for being here after a long time:) Hope u are doing fine!

Ghost Particle said...

bro! paavi...hehehehe////guess u have to wait a while for the tag because I just did one.

Nirek said...

kalakiringa jeevz!
4th std le dumm-aa. too much, three much!

seekaramey APJ pakka ennoda wishes!