Saturday, February 10, 2007

Thamirabarani (copper star)!

I got chance to watch Thamirabarani (Tamil film) in the pongal release movies at Drive-In Theater. Thamirabarani is a simple story of the enmity between two big families in Tuticorin (A district in Tamil Nadu). As usual the hero and heroine of the both family fell in love and how there love joins the families would be remain. Its Hari film, hari always gives good movies, which would be commercial with all kinds like love, action, sentiments, comedy…. can watch with families. What’s the biggest strength for copper star was the fast and pungent screenplay and the climax, non scene their to make us bore.

Vishal with full action hero, this film would be an important in his carrier. His action sequences are brave and energetic. First time in comedy he shows a star position like Rajini and Vijay who does comedy role in their films. Newcomer Banu acts like an experienced actor, her attractive smiles with homely looks are very sweet. She has face looking like Pandavar Bhumi heroine. The state kerala becomes the dream factory for our Tamil fans, to give beautiful heroines. In her recent interview she was very brave to answer for all questions, even sing and dance in small screen, not like other heroine’s who give excuse.

I liked the actors choose for the characters, but the feel of deep love (pasam) is missing between brother (prabhu) and sister (rohini), nephew (vishal) and Uncle (prabu). Nasser can only do that role; Nadhiya’s character was described as powerful, but in the screen it’s powerless. In all his films director never forgets to give chance to Aruva (knives), here the Aruva culture is wide stretched and the violence is little more. The comedy by Kanja Karuppu (Muthu) is nice, his struggle with the same name to the dog and him; linking the rivers was good ones. The turning point in the island, and the photo of the Vishal and Banu describing as prostitute by the paper has comes naturally with the story, and expect us to know what’s going to happen. What’s new in the story was the two own brothers of the opposite family were supportive to the Hero’s family and depart from the collision trend.

The Nellai Tamil dialogue, which I loved to hear, was very nice in the film. V.T.Vijayan’s picturesque of the Tuticorin and in the songs the camera gives new views. Two songs are nice to watch one was the remix of a popular devotional song with attractive dance was superb and the melodies one Varthai onenu varthai onenu… was poetical. I like the theme of the story that said: in the fights between families, who is winning was not important, but non-should defeat. This concept not only befit families, this can also create a healthy society.


Anonymous said...

I did get some time to watch this movie and YES, you are rite jeevz; It was a good movie.

Nirek said...

nellai tamil, vishal heroism, antha remix song (duet in the tune of a devotional song) ellam dhool!

Priya said...

Thanks for sharing Jeev. I did chekc out the songs and good you did a little preview about the film.

Syam said...

pongal release la ithu thaan konjam urupadiyaana movie :-)

starry said...

Thanks for the preview.would like to see it.

tulipspeaks said...

Ennode Vishal padem ache.. supera thaan irukum. ;)


Shiva said...

Jeev,your review is like the preview show. I do understand this is the only movie that's goos in Pongal release. Can't wait to watch, but I don't like downloading in the net and watching it, else would be great injustice to the Tamil film industry.
Nellai tamil- what a dialect! the familes are closely tied there.

My days(Gops) said...

naaanum indha padam paarthuten..
its my favourite ..ippodaiku

Keshi said...

a must-watch then, ty Jeevan!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeevan!
I believe that is good movie. Beautiful pics and interesting review. Maybe I'll watch Thamirabarani some day!
Thanks for sharing!
Good luck to you!

Jeevan said...

Thooya – Double agree!! hope u got nice time with it.

Niker – yes! Hi bro u arrived china?

Priya – check the film, it nice than my post.

Syam – aam… even Pookiri is also fine I think.

Starry – check it some time dear:)

Amutha - :)

Shiva – you too like me:) I hate watching movies in Piracy VCD or downloading (I never tried). Thank you!

Gops – I know gops!

Keshi – catch it soon dear:)

Krystyna – Hope u may like it, if u watch it. Thanks dear, and wish u the same:)