Sunday, February 04, 2007

Theppam festival & tooth surgery


Late evening mom went to the Theppam Festival in Mylapore Kapaleeshwar Temple Tank, which was conducted on the abut of Thaipusam. This year and last year was this Theppam festival was celebrated grand, compare to few years when the Mylapore tank faces drought. Above pics shows the Theppam floating on the Tank.

The Root canal treatment couldn’t give hand for the infection, so yesterday went on a small surgery in the tooth and gums. It was the pain I haven’t experienced in the last few years. Smiling and laughing makes all happy, but in my case, now, if smile, i feel pain. I can’t be without smiling for more times, I struggle to control it now. I thought they will close the root and leave, but the infection makes to cut the tissue and stitches. I think it may take few days to go back to normal, even talking, reading and eating makes difficult.


Anonymous said...

oh no..
please take good rest, and take care of yourself..will you?
I'm praying for you my friend..

Keshi said...

awww root canal treatment can hurt for days..I've done it once and I absolutely hated it. TC Jeevan!


monu said...

that reminds me fo a stroy i read.
there is this guy who has acute tooth ache and is unable to sleep. So he thinks to himself that if didnt have toothache, he would be in heaven.
and thats when it struck him that all those days that he didnt have tooth ache, he was in heaven!!!

visithra said...

photos look good

hope u get well soon -tooth pain is horrible n theres no instant cure sadly

Kavi said...

Great pictures !

Short term pain for long term gain ! cheers mate. Praying for you !

Jo said...

Cool pics man. Looks beautiful.

Take care of that tooth pain.

Nirek said...

Mylapore theppam is glowing in ur pics bro! Great

and get well soon!

Syam said...

take care buddy... :-)

Jeevan said...

Thooya – I am doing it dear. Thank you so much for praying for me, I feel good now:)

Keshi - Root canal haven’t hurt that much, the surgery only gives pain. Thank you keshi!

Monu – Good story dear! so u are telling to think like living in heaven:) will do.

Visith – Thanks dear. ur right, it dint have instant cure, good treatment will cure fully na:)

Kavi – Thanks for praying me my friend!! I agree no pain no gain.

Jo – Thank you jo:)

Nirek – Thank you bro! Getting well…

Syam – Sure and thank u friend:)