Thursday, April 19, 2007

Celebrities Kiss

Its few months back their were groups supporting Shilpa for her Big Brothers show when an actress bullying and alleged racism on her. Now their were some protest and burning photo against her and Hollywood actor Richard Gree. The matter was just a small and also very sweet and good humour said by Shilpa, but the place and the way they kissed makes headlines (Click here).

Some people feel that showing affection on public is wrong to our customs. What they done is not, how they done. May be he expressing his affection on her by hugging tightly and kissing? I feel if this was done in a decent way without disturbing others views, no one would take it series. Richard who belongs to the western culture, kissing in public was normal; we can’t blame him for this. There are lots of long kissing scenes in our films, why we dint protest for them? Its not against our social custom? and films with giving important to the obscenity are been releasing are not against? If u could accept all these, why not in practically before us. Even the shilpa makes statement its just an entertainment.

Just wrote what i thought.


lakshmi said...

Hi Jeevan! Thanks for dropping by to my blog.

Anonymous said...

I so agree with you on this Jeevan.These people pay money to go to the theatre to see Shilpa Shetty,do all these on screen,can't understand why they kick such a storm over this.These people have nothing else to do I think

Jo said...

Hey Jeevan, good to see the template change!

balar said...

hmmmm..jeevan ellam oru publicity thannu ninaikiren including protest....idhu naattukku evvlo periya mukkiya vishyam ella news papersum front pagelae picturoda indha news poduradhu..??

I agree with you jeevan..:)

tulipspeaks said...

remember simbu's pic with nayan? the fuss ppl made out of the pic? athe mathiri thaan ithuvum.


Keshi said...

I agree with u and Im so proud of u Jeevan. It was utter stupidity to protest against a HUG n a KISS. Thats what the world need these days! Bring on MORE hugs!


monu said...

i love ur new template

Ponniyinselvan said...

my intention is not to hurt anyone.Just an movies we see them as some different characters and we perceive them as lovers or husband and wife.Here in this scene,or the occasion,they are neither lovers or they were not acting.they were compering a program and in this context this act is really objectionable.Moreover i have a personal feeling that this shilpa is all cunning and uses any opportunity to publicity and to mint money.ALL RIGHT.that man may be right as his culture has approved such an act.But in our culture, will we accept any two kissing in public?only exception is mother and child.This lady is sexually provoking ,may be to richard,and my guess is that he has lost control over himself, and that's why he has disappeared from the stage.IF he has not felt GUILTY, and it is natural to their culture,why should he go away hastily?was not he ashamed of his act?it's not a genuine kiss.sorry to have discussed this at length.anyhow i strongly disagree with this act and it will be a bad precedence.

Sree's Views said...

Hey Jeevs..ya this is height of stupidity..
Esp when S herself did not object what is the big uproar about.
And it was so clear on RG's face that he was doing it for fun and he did'nt mean a thing by it. Instead of appreciating his appearance for a good cause..these stupid ppl make an issue for nothing and make him apologise..when they shd be appreciating him for the cause he is working for.
Cheeee is the word I'd use for these nuts who protest .
Kudos Jeevs for stating what u felt :)
see yaa :)
Hava a great weekend yaaa :)

priya said...

Its no big deal at all Jeev. Media always needs some rating to be on top and make people speak.

krystyna said...

I think its no big deal at all, but I'm probably old-fashioned and I agree more with Ponniyinse.

krystyna said...

Sorry, I want to tell: Ponniyinselvan.

Best to you Jeevan!

Shuuro said...

Very well wrote jeevan. those who talk about our culture need history lessons to learn how liberal our society was.

New template is good and easy on eyes to read your blog.

Shiva said...

Just shows, how hypocritic some indians are!

Good thought Jeevan. I loved the way he kissed

Freddie Sirmans said...

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