Tuesday, April 17, 2007

New plate

I was thinking to give a try to some templates. Even I dint’s satisfy, but I like this template for simple and neat (I think) looking. This one has wide writing space that I expected for long time. If it comes June its my two year end’s in blogging, now only I had time as well knowing about how to change templates and edit the links.

Being thinking of something, I feeling so tired and sad to write or to do something. Lazily going through some blog sides and putting comments. Hope to be active some other time here soon in this week or next. If I feel good, I will be continuing my visit to ur blogs.

When I will come, how I will come? no one knows… but I will come:D


News from Prasanna said...

rajini vasanum super:)

krystyna said...

Hi Jeevan!
Wow! Very beautiful new template. I think you made better space and I like this neat looking. How you did that? Really looks better.
I think about the change too, but I'm not decided "how" yet.
You're blogging 2 years soon? You are great bloger, writer, and first of all great friend.
Take good care, Jeevan, and the best to you!

balar said...

Very nice Template Jeevan...Looks great.

/When I will come, how I will come? no one knows… but I will come*/
Hahahaha..Neenga oru thadavai sonnalum nooru thadavai sonna mathrithan...:)
But Thalaivar mathiri varama irundhudatheengae(naan arasiyalai sonnen)..)

Apparam second year anniversary Cake cut panni kondadivomae??

Take care my friend.

Jeevan said...

Prasanna - :)

Krystyna – Thank you dear! I am happy to get a great friend like u:)

Balar – thanku thanku:) unga asirvatham iruntha kandippa vathudurean :))) oru peariya cakea vankithanga naan vetturean;)

visithra said...

oooh i like it - add some pics here n there - ure a colourful person dear

Prashant said...

We are waiting , come soon
How are you dear????

Smiles :)

Jeevan said...

Visith - Thank you dear:) sure will try to colorful.

Prashant - Feeling better now friend, how are u doing? :)

Anonymous said...

white..just like ur heart..
hey jeevz i gt an exam tommo..vl come tommo even n visit u ;) wish me luck

Shiva said...


The template is really good. Hold on to this for sometime.

So, are you an ardent fan of Rajini? Nice translation of the quote

anand balaji said...

Clean, neat template Jeeva! No fuss, no clutter... just the way I like it — pure.

priya said...

Jeev: Good work on your template!!

Jeevan said...

Thooya – Thanks dear:) Hope u feel better after visiting Dr. take rest.

Shiva – Thank you. I am fan of Rajini and also Vijay:)

Anand balaji – Thanks friend:)

Priya – Thank you.

ღ lil_kath ღ said...

Hey Jeevan ... hows u dear?? its been a while here...

... neat and simple template looks cool ^_~ i luv it!