Friday, April 13, 2007

Rise of Tamil New Year

Tamilars pioneer’s Kumari kandam people, celebrated March 21st as Tamil New Year. On that day only, sun comes to middle of the sky. But after the south madurai (known as Kumari Kandam the Lemuria) was destroyed in sea rage and the south madurai have the Kapatapuram as its capital in north and in that tract the day the sun comes to the middle of the sky was been on April 14. From that day April 14, has been celebrated as Tamil New year.

Even though the New Year was generally celebrated on January 1st, by the states wise people celebrate the new year on different dates. By the Indian culture, miscellaneous states people celebrate the new year by their own cultural and customary. But all those are not constitute on the same day. Not only through the state wise, several countries in global celebrate the new year on different days.

Like Tamilans celebrate their Tamil new year in April, there is another state shares the new year on the same day is our neighbor state Kerala. They call their new year as Vishu that was celebrated in April. On this day malayali people have a formality to visit the temples early morning and looking at almanac. Like seeing this they called it as Vishukkani. On this day People were a new dress known as Kodivasthiram and enjoy bursting crackers and having feast with relatives. In evenings they involve in Visuvela a newyear celebration.

The Tamil talking people every where celebrate this day by going to Temples, churches and mosque to pray this year should be a welfare to all. I still remember those days going to the Adyar Ganesh temple on Tamil new year day, standing in the long line to get blessing from god, braking coconut to god, after sitting on the steps and having prasatham (the food gives my devotee), we reach home. Nowadays the New Year starts with special programs in TV.

Have good times with your family and friend on New Year Day as well with special programs on the entertainment box (TV). See you all:)


SKM said...

Wow! That photograph is simply too good Jeev.Thankyou for your wishes.Wish you too a very Happy Tamil New year.:)

Anonymous said...

Wish you a very happy new year Jeevan !!

Priya said...

Wishing you too a very Happy New Year Jeev:)

Sree's Views said...

Hey Jeeva..tamizh puthaanda pathi nalla ezhudhi irukeenga :)
Indha new year...innum ungala maadhiri nalla friends kidaikanumnu vendikaren :) and I should say..the best thing that happend to me last year is , u blogger friends :)

balar said...

Hey Jeevan,

Thank you friend and wishing you and your family a very very Happy Tamil New Year...

/*Tamil new year in April, there is another state shares the new year on the same day is our neighbor state Kerala*/
Another state is Punjab..tomorrow is punjabi new year,one of my panjabi friend(gal) told me..:)

Ensoiii ur new year day with fun and happiness..:)

tulipspeaks said...

Puttandu Vazhtukkal


Anonymous said...

jeevz you got my wishs already [infact so many times] heheh again wishing u dude..hv a superb day

barbi bharadwaj said...

happy new year wishes.

never knew this kumari kandam adn all. i guess this appeared in some quiz or so , i remember having heard the name.
thanks for the wiki link!

Sowmya said...

Iniya thamizh puthandu nal vazhthukkal :)

Kavi said...

Nanbaa..thamizh puthandu nal vazhthukkal :)

monu said...

iniya puthaandu vaaazhthukkal
i too wanted to watch TV
but we didnt have power

Vinesh said...

iniya puthaandu vaazhthukkaL jeevan

Keshi said...

I ate too much on NY's day :(


Jeevan said...

Skm – Thank u:)

Dubukku – Thanks for ur wishes! hope u had a nice time with ur family.

Priya – Thanks:)

Sree – Thank you. I wish u too to get more friends this year:)

Balar – Thank you friend! happy Punjabi new year to u;) Hope u had a nice time…

Ammu – Thank u!

Thooya – Thanks again:) how are u feeling now dear? wish u to get well soon.

Barbi – Thank you. its new to me also!

Sowmya – Nandri:)

Kavi – Thanks nanbaa, hope u have nice time:)

Monu – the EB doesn’t know when to cut the current:( I feared that current might go in my place, because we didn’t have current early morning, of the thunder and rain.

Vinesh – thanks dear!

Keshi – I too! Mom did my fav Gulabjamun:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeevan!
Happy New Year to you and your family!
Vishu New Year and Tamil New Year is similar or the same celebration?

Sree's Views said...

Hey Jeeva...enna next post eppo?

Sree's Views said...

hmm Punjabi..mexican onnu vidaama puthaanda kondaadidunga ;)

Sree's Views said...

oh sorry Jeevs..the last comment was for Bala. Avar pera include pannama vittuten :)

Sree's Views said...

oh sorry Jeevs..the last comment was for Bala. Avar pera include pannama vittuten :)

Keshi said...



Jeevan said...

Krystyna – Thanks for ur wishes dear:) Tamil New Year is celebrated my Tamil people and Vishu is celebrated by malayalies in Kerala (our neighbor state).

Sree – Pottachu pottachu:) feeling tiredly so next post may delay!

Keshi - :)

Sree's Views said...

Hey Jeevs..sorry about my comment to Bala here. It was a wayward one.
see u in ur next post !!!