Thursday, April 05, 2007

sick week

Have been feeling not well, this place was left with no post for five days. Last Sunday we were to drive-in restaurant and marina, it’s the starting point for the influenza. The water that I drank in the restaurant and travel in the traffic that was over that day in marina that moves slowly was infected me. The sign started that night and hair cut to showering next day all brought heavy coldness and feeling difficulty in respire. Been careless that’s normal cold and be fine after taking pill, I too was strain by exercise, walking and in typing work the day in feverish.

Time to sleep and I was in conversation with mom about free hugging on Tuesday night, and were taking about balaji’s dream of Free Hug in ranganathan street. In the thoughts of free hugs I close my eyes, by mid-night I feel like chillness and needed to get warm. I waked dad to cover me with bed sheets and hold me tightly, even tough I was like uncontrolled and body was started shivering with a sense of tiredness. Mom was rubbing with amuthanjam in my foot and hands, I was tend to keep my head on mom, and she was tightly hugged my shoulders and neck; dad were pressing my foot as it has been chill, and shivering. It was surprise know to get much hugs from mom and dad that night, after discussing about hugs before leaving to sleep. I really feared more as I never feel like this anytime, my neck and legs were paining. There were thoughts of something said by some the cold fever would bring changed in the human nature.

At that night by 12.30 my bro was sent to buy medicine in the nearest hospital for cold fever. Mom and dad were wake till 3am and pressing my legs as I was suffering with pain. I felt better only after taking the pills to make me sleep. For the last two days I was tired and feverish I never used to sleep in day times, but was pulled to do it. Dad was kindly advised to be away from works and PC, but now I feel better to post this.


Anonymous said...

Oh no jeevz....:( i wasn't feelign well as well...take care of yourself..get well soon..n praying for u..

News from Prasanna said...

Get well soon buddy. Waiting for your energetic posts.

Anonymous said...

get well soon dear ;)


tulipspeaks said...

get well soon. hugsss!!


balar said...

Get well soon friend..

Shuuro said...

Get well soon! your parents are great!.

krystyna said...

Hi Jeevan!
I am sorry you are having such a difficult week!
Take care and know that I'm thinking of you and I'll keep you in my prayers!

krystyna said...

Your mom and dad are great! You have a great family!
I think that was not dream of free Hug.( I enjoyed Balaja's post).
Thanks God you feel better!
Big hug to you!
What is marina?
What means amuthanjam?

KK said...

Get well soon buddy!! Take care!! hugggzzzz :)

Balaji S Rajan said...


My FREE BIG HUGS to you too! Hugs are really great. I am glad that you were discussing about it. Hugs gives us great feeling of love and warmth. Nice to know that you are recovering. Be protected and stay safe. Do not worry about cold. You need to get immuned. You are lucky to have good parents. Feel happy and proud about it.

ღ lil_kath ღ said...

... oh sad to hear that Jeevan, hope ur feelin' better now! take full rest na and get well soon!

... here's my hugss for u too yaar!

take care and Happy Easter!

Jeevan said...

Thank you so much dear Friend:) for your hugs, prayer and greet's.

I am feeling good now! Happy weekend.

Kavi said...

You are a star and a great motivator for me mate !

Get well soon !

Shiva said...


Hope you are doing well now. You have an amazing attitude and strength.