Thursday, May 03, 2007

Busiest days with joy also

Hi my sweet friends, I had been away for just few days, but thinking always about this place and you all. This gap was with a reason of expectations, though here nothing happens as I expect. The cousin whom I like more and me asking my uncle every day when his exams finishes? has spent couple of hours and left me alone and went on his way, now he was holidaying in his grannies village. That makes me repent, the time I worked have been speeded mostly for the times to share with him. My another cousin who have to be away from me in this summer days, with no way to avoid it; even it makes me feel, I am glad he was to be away to progress his life.

I am happy for my cousin bro Aravind, who has left to experience great movements in his life in Western Ghats, the queen of hills Nilgiris, to continue his studies from boarding school in Kotagiri. Its dream place for many to study form a lovely environment, cool weather and standard education. In this my bro is lucky. All were not willing to this idea, even me, but I solace this step is must for his life; I hope this place will realize him who he was and it create him as a responsible person. My dad used to worries sometimes telling his wish to join me in the Mont fort School in Yercaud (a hill station) when I was in my childhood, but that times his wealth was lack, when we were wealthy, my health was obstruct to his wish.

Even In my busy works I was enjoying with a special person who is non-than my small cousin brother Ashvin. He won’t stay anywhere without his mom, this time he was with me over four days. Sitting beside me and frequently asking some doubts, I join with him as a kid to play with small cars that I do always before. We went to nearest beach in evening stay till night, chatting with bro and going along the street in the beach side with power chair is pleasure in this summer weather.


balar said...

Nice to see your post...:)
Heard that too hot in chennai.:)

take care..

Keshi said...

u have alot of loving relatives Jeevan..u r lucky!


krystyna said...

Hi Jeevan!
I'm so glad you are well. Your posts are always very lovely and smart. I love to read them.
Take care and have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

let me give u a huggie...u r so positive...and guess what we are there for u as well..:)
and i gt a suprs 4 u ;)

krystyna said...

Congratulations, Jeevan!!!
You are Star of the Month !
Your award is well deserved!

balar said...

Congratulatios Jeevan..

Mysorean said...

Nice to know about your cousins! :)

Have a great time!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeevan:

I always enjoy reading your post.Keep posting.


Jeevan said...

Balar – hum… its hot here!

Keshi – Thanks dear:)

Krystyna – thank a lot! Ur a loving friend too.

Thooya - :):) Hugs!

Balar – thanks u nanba:)

Adi – Thank you buddy. How is you kid?:)

Rumya – Thank you:)

Shiva said...

Looks like you have somany lovely cousins. Have fun Jeevan