Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Healthy request for people

The Healthy party in state always trying to object evil thing to people. First it was smoking habit increase in people because of films using smoking scenes. (Don’t know were the law to bring ban for smoking scenes is sleeping). They give crisis for old man’s government from beginning to close liquor shops in state as its evil for people. While going through his statement recently asking government to close the liquor shops and last weeks fury speech to smash all liquor shops in state. I think they are in urgency. Closing the liquor shops is not that easy, as they close the shop all drunkards will stop drinking? or can they leave the habit of drinking suddenly?

They automatically look for the illicit liquor or deceit drink that brought from other state. In our state there are many helping mind people who are to understand the expectations of drinkers, and take it as there practice. I could go with healthy party that many families are suffering by drunkards who fail to take care of their family and children. Could see many women who are working as house worker in residents are facing the drunkard husband. Till drinking was not be controlled by Indian law, we can’t make a end point. What I tell was we need more rehabilitation centers, before that the government should take a survey about drinkers and make an organization to find the drunkard’s family and make a chat with the family members to create an aware against liquor. I feel without the family’s support we can’t change the drunkards.

None of them would like the one in his family destroying himself by drinking. The mind changes are the only change that could turn the drunkards as normal people. If it happens the liquor shops would be empty with no one to buy the bottles. Not only this, the shops must be reducing as people get out from the drinking habit. Will government do this? Information from govt. side said that they are not ready to close the liquor shops, because it was the high income-giving department to govt.

Any suggestions to end the liquor from state welcomes...


Sowmya said...

Govt can take steps to stop this by rules and order.Rules can control the actions in the surface level.

But self realisation and will power can be the tools to come out of this habit. This habit is just like taking sweets. People who likes to have sweets with the temptation, couldnt stop themselves having it. But they can increase their will power if it harm them in some way.

As u said, family support and understanding plays a vital role to make them realise the importantace of well being.

krystyna said...

Hi Jeevan!

Your today’s message is needful in World Over.
Good luck and happiness!

Keshi said...

More than govt bans, self-realisation and discipline would be more effective. Thats what I think.

I have a cousin who smokes heavily...a parent of 2 young kids.

Also I had an uncle die at age 42 from Cirrhosis - he was a heavy drinker.

Nothing can stop u if u dont wanna stop.


Kavi said...

Thats a wonderful message ! Hope people the world over realise this and start moving towards it !

Shruti said...

Well, The governement will not take some serious measures as its a good source of income for tehm but then it taking soem steps, like the level on the bottle will show the effect of drinking in our health but then thats a little help ..
Family members can be big source of preventing the man from liquor..

Vidhya said...

Hi Jeevan,

Hope u remember me :-)

First time reading your blog....

A very good message.... Keep going...

tulipspeaks said...

Law is useless without enforcement. I don't see why any Gov would want to come up with new law & rules when it fails to enforce it at the end of the day. :|


sugar&spice said...

High income giving...hahhahaa...thats funny since most of the gov income goes into their pockets shops should be closed .Period.... By the way, why is wine spelt as O-Yin in tamil instead of vai-in??

balar said...

As u said,it is high income(?) giving dept for govt,local politicians,local police station and the wine shop owner..

Anyway, after govt has taken wine shops, atleast "kudi"magans are getting quality liquors.
kettadhilum konjam nalladhu..:)

To end liquor shop? - even if govt close temp, sure "kudi"magans will start moving to illicit liquors..

Nice writeup Jeevan..

i am back to home,back to form and back to beach..:))

Jeevan said...

Sowmya - Till they have welfare in it, it’s very rare some comes out of this habit. As soon the family members know if they are addicted to liquor they are not trying to bring them out, but only avoiding them temporarily. Thanks for the comment; as u said self-realization is good medicine that is inside everyone, but it must knock to wake as they are by some others.

Krystyna – Thanks dear!

Keshi – as they try to follow this habit, they must also try to leave it. That happens only unusual sometimes.

Kavi – Wishing to see the happiness in everyone’s house whoever has drunkard’s person.

Shruti – hum… that also a good way to reduce the drinking slowly. If the quality of drink didn’t satisfy them, there is way to go more on it! One of our known person, who was a dentist, but addict to liquor. In one situation family can control him, and they register in police and with their help they sent him to rehabilitation center to cure it. Family support is must.

Jeevan said...

Vidhya – how can I forget you friend:) I think u have already visited my blog and commented too. Thank you.

Ammu – many laws are not very strict!

Sugar&spice – Welcome here:) There is a rumor that with this income the government makes eyewash by giving free preference to people.

Balar – I think that too in cheap?…. as government sales liquor. Sometimes back I didn’t remember, but heard that Liquor was planned to sale through ration card. : D
Thank you friend:) good and hope all went fine…. Enjoy in the beach!

Ponniyinselvan said...

it's all foul play.when they can make wearing helmet compulsory, and fine for it, when they make so many things compulsory, and ban so many things .cannot the govt do this?they can.instead,they encourage it.why should they give any compensation for those who died?did they sacrifice their life for country?all humbug.whose fault is it?why should govt money,our money,[we pay tax ] be given to them?for votes.if the govt is really concerned it could have given money to the computer engineers who died in thinakaran office.did the govt care for it?enacting dramas.

Jeevan said...

Ponniyinselvan - After the wall collapsed incident, govt. have announced liberal facilities for drunkards in the shop and the bar!

Shiva said...

Good message. How many of us stop smoking or drinking after reading the statutory warnings in the lable. A thought trigger the understanding to comprehension and further to realization. Unless people realize themselves, these habits cannot de eradicated. Mere rules and bans won't work