Monday, May 07, 2007

Joy and Sad!

There was this show with 4 little ones to send me trance with their sweetest nature; but it just extend for half-hour. If you were watching Suntv’s Pudhiya Raagangal on Sunday, u must be feeling the same. (This is a musical talent search show in the form of a competition, introducing new voices every week.) First time very small children where participated and they also proved they were similar to adults. Singing in their invariable children’s prattle and giving movement for the cymbal have been adorable.

In their cute skirts and exciting smile on their face was loveable. Little one in her red skirt and beautiful cap was attractive that too expressing herself with the song’s music and lyrics was wonder!! The mix of confident in their sweet talk and the talent that comes out form them are example for others. Still the show comes before my eyes. Nowadays this show gives me joy mood and waiting for the Sundays to arrive.

Today brought little disappoint to me when hearing that bulldozer sound that clears the empty land opposite to my house, that was covered with plants and trees that gives cool wind. Mostly in summer day that too in afternoon times the wind that blows through my windows was a great feel. I have some poems about the afternoon winds, now the sun was burning, sometimes with hot wind. Here after the beautiful birds can’t come near my apartment and sit on the branches that was not there now, its rare to hear the noise they make:(


krystyna said...

Really first part of post is joyful, but second is sooo sad. I understand you, Jeevan.
Have a wonderful day!

priya said...

Jeev: Its very sad to know how people destroy nature just to enjoy their own needs. May be, you can still feed the birds while you watch the sky either morning or evening. It will always brings cheers to our moods. I remmeber feeding raw rice to birds ( in tamil we say- chittu kuruvi)every morning and I remember evenif oneday I get late, it will wake me up at right time.

starry nights said...

Jeevan it is so sad that all the trees are being cleared away, the birds and animals have no place left to be safe.I have lots of trees in my backyard and would be sad if I don't hear the birds chirp in the morning,

Keshi said...

sad that ppl cut trees and build claustrophobic buildings all ard.


Shruti said...

Here in delhi also , people are cutting trees in great numbers..I wonder what if there's no tree left in the city..What will our earth looks like..
Take care...

barbi said...

@ jeevan,

coming here after almost tren days, this template looks great!!! and well organised too.

ya, those kids besides beautiful own a beautiful voice! i was amazed at sundays's program sirtel super singer junior too. But those kids couldn bear the loss easily, they were with tears.
ultimately, in a competition, only one can win!!

Jeevan said...

Krystyna – it gives a feel of missing a big that covers the space

Priya – Now days I couldn’t see many small sparrow, that’s beautiful when they peck and eat. Being summer time the noon was very hot and evening was cool and the sky was opened to make me adore it!

Starry - It’s all to build concrete floors; was sad when the tree fall down. Our people are changing the nature to make them space less.

Keshi - :(

Shurti – now the time to grow more trees, but people are cutting more trees. Thanks for ur comment!

Barbi – Thank you barbi:) hum… kids cant take the loss easily, but the shows are not making them to feel, gives them positive support.

Anonymous said...

jeevz, i like dat guy..good dancer also..well i cnt watch that prog unless sum1 uploads it in net..but happy 4 u..u can tell me all abt it..

and da bird..:( sorry i too hv birdy friends..who..visit me daily...huggies

Shuuro said...

I share your feelings. once there was huge old theater next to my house which had lots of trees and lush grass and we used to play there in the evenings. One day that theater was sold to some one and they constructed huge apartments destroying all greenery. It feels quite sad but that is how things are in life!.

Kavi said...

In the name of development we are missing out on a lot. Empty spaces included !

Shiva said...

They wouldn't let the bulldozers rust, and wouldn't let the planet earth at rest too. That's really sad

Jeevan said...

Thooya – I am very happy to share this sweet movement with u here. U don’t have tamil channels there? the noise they make is an awesome.

Shuuro – our mind won’t give to destroy trees that were living for years before us. Its time to save trees, to our future.

Kavi – you’re right friend!

Shiva - :(