Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Safe mode ride

There was a line in Tamil “Thalaiku vanthathu Thalaipagaiyoda pogatum” (what comes to head let go by turban). If anyone from the six corporation cities in Tamil Nadu, then this line is for you (for other areas its from July 1). There are just two days left to the final install of the law to wear helmet compulsory while driving two-wheelers was coming into force. Per 1988 motor act 129 those whoever driving and sitting behind the two-wheelers has been compel to wear helmet, but in 1989 it have be withdraw by government. Now this law have brought again, as the heavy flow of vehicle, rash driving to accidents have increased and most of the time injuries are in head that lose the life.

Even there was no act, very little much of people were wearing helmets and many were careless of their protection. As per survey static’s, for every 4 minutes one person were injured in head and in the six reasons to death, this is considering as sixth one to die. In many countries even a 3 year child were advised to wear helmet when riding cycle, here some above the teen aged people are unaware of their safe, but could notice the increase of wearing helmet’s in last two years. When the helmet businesses were in high, an organization belonging to two-wheeler association was announced to fight against, if the helmet were made compulsory.

The first reason they kept is: “The big metros like Delhi and Bangalore too has this act, that’s why the terrorism is more there. So if it was compel here, the silence of Tamil Nadu will disturbed and terrorism would be moving freely. By wearing helmet the accidents will only increase than decrease; we can’t hear the horn of the vehicle behind us and we can’t turn back suddenly, only to be like rein tied horse.” I think these are unnecessary fear they are trying to create. But one point they strongly affirm was, if a person was to face accident with helmet was easy to die, because of breaking the neck bone when falling with helmet!”

This law needs some concentration when moving into force. The govt. must clear properly in taking children in two-wheelers and a strict ban in how many should be taken in a two-wheeler. Even the govt. compel on helmets, there are something important to change like good roads, clean arrangement on directions, restriction on using cell phones while driving and takeoff unnecessary obstruction on roads that disturbs (esp. in ECR the obstructions are in highly dangerous to cut turn). Till these and more or not made, we can’t get a safe ride is sure.


barbi said...

good post jeevan!
"even the state govt.."??

balar said...

Good one..:)
Wearing helmet is always safe for both drivers and riders..:)

Keshi said...

Great thoughts Jeevan!


Balajoe said...

I was riding a bike for almost 15 years and having a helmet is a good safety item. But helmet alone is not be much helpful if other motorcycling aspect is ignored (riding style, condition of the bike and awareness)

I summarised my experiences here. Hope it is useful for others.

Kavi said...

Helmets are so very integral ! I hope everybody recognises this and carries on. Rides on, that is !

praveen said...

helmets are important... riding a bike is dangerous enough, riding withour a helmet is a no no

Shiva said...

Hope this reduces the head injuries. Obviously, helmets cannot check the accidents, but can surely protect the head from any serious injury. Thought should be given for better roads, without any speed breaks. Speed limits should be assigned to lanes. Let's see how far this takes

ulagam sutrum valibi said...

good thoughts jeevan!
ஜொள்ளு பாண்டியின் பின்னுட்டத்தை பார்தீர்களானால் நான் அறிவிப்பில் கூறியது விளங்கும்.

Jeevan said...

Barbi – Thanks:)

Balar – Thank u:) ur right.

Keshi – thanks dear.

Balajoe – even if we drive properly, others mistake makes the accident and lose for us. I agree with ur points to follow in driving a bike, and hope everyone catches it.

Kavi – riding is safe and enjoyable when the rules were correctly followed. This act is at least make them to realize their response on roads and avoid spending the money as fine.

Praveen – ya it has much risk if our concentration misses!

Shiva – hi buddy:) hope you doing fine there. The speed breaks that too higher ones gives out of control to ride. We need better roads, not the new ones that sweep in rainwater. Let’s see… waiting to see full helmet heads city.

Ulagam sutrum valibi – Thanks! will check his comment:)