Sunday, May 13, 2007

Some complains

Two kids in this talk show bring laugh and wonder by their speech some weeks back. In this one was rivaling with other one that was interesting. As I was thinking they have come to talk some kids problem they are facing in their school and studies, but late day one of the kid was stopped me to raise my eyes to amaze that being in age of 7-8 she works in some Ad company by earning 1500Rs. a month and make her elder sister to continue here studies. Losing her mother and father being a sick person this small has realized their situation and lives by loosing her normal life. I couldn’t find what other kid suppose to tell or told (in the shows that I missed). Away from our views there are many wonder things like this happening everywhere. This is an ex-example for us, when this small kid can understand everything well and hardworking in this stage, why can’t some educated and healthier people esp. youth are not making use of them. I could see this in my relative circle and heard from others, some are only complaining and trying to avoid from working. When the government was banned for child labors that parents force kids to work, here this kid carries her family by working, hope the government come forward to help her.

They are very good in studies and worst in they’re character; sweet sometimes, but mess sometimes; acts like an innocent, distress by the words. This is what a child I could watch recently by shocking in his talks. If a child was disobedient and indecent the parents should sternness, not to laugh as it encourages them. People thing punish changes them, but in many cases punishment makes them anger and that blinds their mind, what I think is the parents must learn how to sternness the kids by their affection, not by the useless tool anger. The children needs love, affection not the over indulgence; love must help to grow positive ness inside them; in the child I watched has taking the love to hide his negative side. I am not against children, but cared on them. Couldn’t be quite from stopping to express my thoughts that it still sliding in mind.


priya said...

Jeev: A punishment only aggravates to deviate from others based on how they are treated.

Showering love and affection is good, but for some its more of take it for granted even after a certain age.

They shud learn life by working out seeing the harships and also get attention from the family.

Shiva said...


Yeah. The kids are more responsible than some adults. There should be some means that ensures no child is left deprived of the basic needs like, food, shelter, clothing and education. Will the government do that?????

Jeevan said...

Priya – By giving punishment to children, they get a depression in their mind. As u said some kids are understanding their families stand and playing a role to not make them stress.

Shiva – Recently in chennai for a big function for CM, they have spent much money as waste, we don’t know from which money they have spent from party or government? Instead of giving free things government can help the needed people a lot.

In that show that child was very humor and suddenly she makes the show wet. Show sweet her heart!! Praying that many kids like her should be welfare.

krystyna said...

I understand your complains, Jeevan.
Great post.
It is sad if children must working, even they are sick to maintain family.
And poor children if they parents are too indulgance.

tulipspeaks said...

feel like been a long time since i was here.

how r u doing?


Jeevan said...

Krystyna – wealthy people should come forward to help those are in lack.

Amutha – I am doing fine dear:) how are u? had good fun on Sunday with mates?

Shiva said...

That was a good suggestion. But, politics nowadays is about proving one's ego and not for the welfare of the people