Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Something different for u

Whoever there fear like me to cockroach here is to tell that roach is not that scary or dirty as we think according to a Taiwanese study. Before knowing that I want to tell that not only cockroach I am an insect scary. I fear for even small insects, today morning this small spider disturbed by sleep as it was climbing the wall and fall beside me and it was doing the same till I getups from the bed. After reading this news little pause seeing spider’s. To start with the study, cockroach eye is an arrangement of around 3,000 lenses and it can smell food over 20 meters away. It breathes through body holes called spiracles that can be closed with a kind of hairy lid. So, if you flush a roach down the bathroom it doesn’t drown; it just shuts off the holes and swims to safety! The best thing it does is eat up our garbage. Could we scream when seeing the garbage man just because he works amongst rubbish, right? But….

Pushing Bus to get start becomes old fashion; latest one is push the train. Guess what passengers were asked to do when the train came to a standstill in Bihar(India)? The driver asked them to get down and push! The electric train was cruising along a zone that did not have overhead wires when someone pulled the emergency chain bringing the train to halt. The way out was to nudge the train till it connected with the overhead wires a little ahead. After half an hour of pushing the train found the overhead wires, and soon on its way.

Where do we all keep the fishes (I mean the fish to cook)? All keep them in freezer or refrigerator right. Here is also a person kept the fishes in freezer, but in which freezer is matter. The nursing staff at the Institute of Child Health at the Kottayam Medical Collage was stunned to find 5kg of pearl spot fish in the freezer meant to stock preventive medicines. A paediatric surgeon is said to be responsible for the smell act. According to the superintendent of the institute, he had the habit of storing fish in the freezer. He has been suspended from serving and an inquiry is on to find out whether he had accepted the fish as a bribe or whether it was a deliberate attempt to trap him.

Thinking about the picture? It’s a wonder bus called Topsy-Turvy Bus. It is two school buses welded together, one upside down on top of the other, that is currently touring the country to “dramatically depict America’s upside down budget priorities”. The bus was created by mega art car artist Tom Kennedy in Oakland with a team of 10 artists, who have a background working on art car and Burning Man projects. This bus has a blog on its update touring.


pria said...

Fish as a bribe ... How mean?? Our people nver change.

Funny post Jeev and wonder the bus can flip and flop isn't it.

Queen said...

Just reading about roaches itself gives me goose bumps.Cant stand them anytime. I thought the best commedy available in bihar is Lallu and his family :) hmmm...Bihar never quits, does it?

balar said...

Jeevan, Made me big laugh when i read passenger were pushing the train..:))

Good info abt the bus..:)

tulipspeaks said...

the post does sound different!


how r u doing there?


Kavi said...

All snippets are very interesting ! Next time i am going to look at a cockroach, i am going to take a long hard look !!!

Jeevan said...

Priya - Investigation is in proceed lets see… :) what ever is useful to them they will buy as bribe. Thank u.

Queen – Hi buddy:) how are u? Nice to see u here after long time… That’s why I avoided the pic of roach to scare u all more hehe. Lallu do some thing funny, but covers many by that.

Balar – train is hard to push na! How it be when a ship stops in sea and passengers swim to push it:) Thank u.

Ammu – Thank you. I am doing fine as usual… keep smiling dear:)

Kavi – ya go with it and you discover something new about roaches:) thanks friend.

Shiva said...

A good collection indeed. Very informative.