Saturday, May 12, 2007

Song about Mother


Thanks Karthik for intro to post song in my blog.

This song is from film Viyabari (Business man). It’s a film about business or love? The hero who was always thinking about business business and never thinks and understands about his family, esp. his mother’s love. As the story involves cloning, the cloning hero was very affectionate about mother. So he sings the song by praising mother’s mind. From the day I listen, it was my favorite song, thought to post it on mother’s day. If u can’t understand the song, below are the lyrics for u in English. Happy Mothers Day:)

We could buy all on our wised
if we have money
Can we buy the mother? You
Can u buy a mother?
Thousand relations earn to stand you
Can it bear like a mother?

Who created you and me here?
The god in every house is the mother

even lying down in starve
feed her child with milk,
by seeing the feeding child
will forget her hunger

even after becoming a youth
will make oil chafe to bathing
from apex to foot
kiss the head to wish
puts walk in bosom
will make to catch the moon.
will bite the nails of young finger
will eat food in child’s spittle

Slowly draw with paddy’s edge
to raise the teeth

Who created you and me here?
The god in every house is the mother

if a plant appear in the earth
it’s a delivery to the earth
if earth fret and fume
it’s an earthquake that day

revolving the sun and circling herself is mother
revolving around the birth child
an insanities person is mother
when you were wriggling in pregnant
adore you by touching subtlety
what you need hereafter
welfare is in mother’s lap.


தூயா said...

happy mother's day wishes to your mummy :)

krystyna said...

Hi Jeevan!
Thanks for this beautiful song and this English lyrics. Love it.
Thanks for this post.
Happy Mother's Day to your Great Mom!

krystyna said...

Your Mom is very proud of you!
Enjoy your happiness!

priya said...

That was beautiful Jeev and nice translation.

Vinesh said...

hadn't heard it before. nice lyrics though..

Shiva said...

An apt post on the Mother's day Jeevan. There was a similar song in "New" . I used to like that song. Both r SJ Surya's

Jeevan said...

Thooya – Thanks dear:) happy mother’s day to ur mom also.

Krystyna – Happy mothers day too! Thanks.

Priya – Thank you.

Vinesh – Thank you.

Shiva – Ya I too like that song, that’s best one! Thanks friend:)

Kittu said...

first time hearing this song. Nice song and really good meaningful one ,
Apt post for mothers day

Om-Lumen said...

I realy enjoyed to listen this wonderful song...

A hug of light from Portugal.